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TransHuman Code Authors Talk Human-Centered Technology – World Economic Forum

TransHuman Code Authors Talk Human-Centered Technology – World Economic Forum

Murat Seitnepesov, David Fergusson, and Carlos Moreira interview with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)


  • Co-authors of the first-ever “smartbook” invented
  • Creates a platform of conversation for all technology users
  • Desire to ensure humanity stays at the center of relationship with technology

Machines can learn to do what people do, but if they can learn to “be” us, humanity may be in trouble. That’s according to Carlos Moreira, co-author of the transHuman Code, a set of ideas that aims to center humanity in the emerging tension between a human-controlled or a machine-controlled world.

“A lot of the AI technology takes care of what humans do, but not what a human is,” said Moreira. “The bottom line is we want us to prevail.”

Moreira and co-author David Fergusson discussed the transHuman Code with Matt Bird, Host of the Traders Network Show, at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Moreira said the mission is to make sure that humans remain the center of gravity as AI develops—a period he describes as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fergusson said the code serves as an important platform in this goal.

“What began as a dialogue has, in fact, evolved into a platform of conversations for technology developers, technology financiers, and, most importantly, technology users,” he said.


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