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Uber Launches Emission Savings Feature to Track Environmental Impact

Uber Launches Emission Savings Feature to Track Environmental Impact

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Uber is making it easier for riders to embrace a low-emissions lifestyle with the introduction of a new Emission Savings feature in its app. This feature allows riders around the world to track and understand their carbon footprint when using Uber.

The company believes that knowledge empowers users. Similar to how rider ratings were introduced to promote respectful behavior, the Emission Savings feature aims to celebrate riders’ positive impact and encourage eco-friendly choices.

Here’s what riders can do with the Emission Savings feature:

  • Track their impact: By tapping “Estimated CO2 saved” in the Account section, riders can see the total emissions they’ve avoided by choosing Uber Green and Uber Comfort Electric options.
  • Visualize their savings: The app provides a graphic that compares a rider’s CO2 savings to relatable examples, helping them understand the environmental benefit of their choices.
  • Learn about the calculations: The methodology behind the emission savings is explained, highlighting that the figures represent the average CO2 reduction achieved by opting for electric vehicles over standard options for similar trips.
  • Teens go green: Recognizing the environmental concerns of Gen Alpha and Gen Z, Uber is making the Emission Savings feature available to teen account holders. Additionally, select US and Canadian cities can now offer Uber Green and Uber Comfort Electric for teen riders, allowing them to contribute to climate solutions.

The future of the Emission Savings feature includes expanding calculations to encompass all-electric autonomous rides, UberX Share trips, and even e-bike and e-scooter rides booked through the Uber app.

This launch represents a significant step in Uber’s commitment to becoming a zero-emissions mobility platform. By informing riders about their environmental impact, Uber hopes to empower them to make positive changes in their communities.

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The company’s vision is to build a future of transportation that is electric, shared, autonomous, and sometimes car-free. They acknowledge that greener choices lead to a greener future, and thank riders for doing their part.


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