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Ultrafast EV Charging Debuts at Phillips 66 Flagship Station

Ultrafast EV Charging Debuts at Phillips 66 Flagship Station

Phillips 66 announced the installation of FreeWire ultrafast electric-vehicle chargers at its station near Houston Headquarters, marking the debut of ultrafast EV charging at a convenience fuel station in the city.

Phillips 66 and FreeWire unveiled plans earlier this year to deploy FreeWire’s ultrafast, battery-integrated technology to meet the growing demand from EV drivers for high-speed, on-the-go charging. Phillips 66 will leverage its network of approximately 7,000 Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 branded U.S. sites and other strategic locations. The chargers are the first commissioned FreeWire chargers in Texas.

The introduction of the EV chargers reflects Phillips 66’s commitment to working to meet the world’s growing energy needs while reducing its environmental footprint. The company has focused its Emerging Energy and Sustainability business strategy on four pillars: renewable fuels, batteries, carbon capture and hydrogen.

“The installation of the first FreeWire EV chargers at our Phillips 66 flagship fuel station represents an important step in our EV charging journey as well as our commitment to pursue lower-carbon solutions,” said Rod Palmer, Vice President of U.S. Marketing at Phillips 66. “FreeWire’s charger offers consumers the fast-charging experience they’re looking for, and Phillips 66’s branded network of fueling locations places the chargers at existing, strategically located sites.”

FreeWire’s Boost Charger is a more convenient option for sites looking to enter the EV charging space. It connects to existing infrastructure without burdensome construction costs and permitting restraints. The battery charges at off-peak times when power is cheaper, reducing operational costs for the site, while still providing the needed capacity to give consumers a rapid charge.

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“We are excited to mark this milestone with Phillips 66 and to make our fast-charging solution available to more EV drivers,” said Arcady Sosinov, FreeWire Founder and CEO. “As charging demand continues to surge, our battery-integrated chargers offer the streamlined, shovel-ready solution that many entering the EV charging space are looking for.”

Phillips 66 leaders were on hand for a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the debut of the EV chargers. From left: Manager of Innovation Chris Gilliland; Vice President of U.S. Marketing Rod Palmer; Executive Vice President of Emerging Energy and Sustainability Zhanna Golodryga; Executive Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Brian Mandell; and Electric Vehicle Program Manager Kathleen Davis.

Source: Phillips 66


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