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Upon 30th Anniversary of Chernobyl, ShelterZoom Announces Blockchain-based Solution For Management Of Nuclear Waste On A Global Scale.

Upon 30th Anniversary of Chernobyl, ShelterZoom Announces Blockchain-based Solution For Management Of Nuclear Waste On A Global Scale.

Innovative partnership with impact initiative Unite For Italy and advisory firm Morichi Atelier drives sustainable solutions for nuclear waste management through a world’s first use case for distributed ledger technology.

As the world observes the 30thth anniversary of Chernobyl, ShelterZoom, Unite For Italy and Morichi Atelier announce the launch of the world’s first nuclear waste management use case for blockchain-based distributed ledger technology. This endeavor, dubbed “Hercules”, developed as a part of the MICADO European project and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, aims to protect and secure all “digi-waste” (digital nuclear waste) sensitive data and digi-waste management operations through a powerful multi-functional platform.

Left to right: Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO of ShelterZoom and Giordano Morichi, CEO of Morichi Atelier / Unite for Italy interviewed at Nasdaq television studios.

This innovative idea stemmed from Unite for Italy (a non-profit impact initiative) and was facilitated by Morichi Atelier, a boutique advisory firm, that identified a potential 30M USD market opportunity in the digi-waste sector. The Hyperledger blockchain “Hercules” collaboration with ShelterZoom aims to fix the outdated management and data protocols of the nuclear decommissioning and dismantling phases. The potential vulnerabilities caused by security breaches and/or human error can be largely prevented with this efficient digital solution. Until today, the physical data collected in analysis stages has not being fully secured through sufficient infrastructure ensuring data protection during waste characterization analysis. To solve the problem and eliminate any form of human error, the MICADO project developed a series of interconnected smart instrumentations to digitalize, process, and link all sensitive information to its protected internal cloud servers. These new systems are able to scan, measure, and track any form of radioactive elements (barrels, containers, bags, and any other radioactive material) in a much more secure and efficient manner. What was processed before via paper documents is now being immediately digitized through the use of technology marking the beginning of a new age for the industry called “digi-waste”.

 “At ShelterZoom, using our technology powered by blockchain, we are working on providing the highest level of security in a variety of fields. Our layered interconnected templates help categorize information, provide different levels of access, and tokenize data strings needed for waste characterization. We are thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking opportunity provided by Unite for Italy and are ready to improve the security level of data in the digi-waste field,.” comments Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO of ShelterZoom.

Companies must be built with the commitment to develop a better tomorrow for our global society and our planet following sustainable, impact-based business models. Sharing our same core values, ShelterZoom and their powerful technology follow these criteria and we believe they can add value in this specific sector. We are excited to be working with them and help guide business operations that will transform some of the complex problems in the field of nuclear energy into tangible solutions with a high level of impact,” said Giordano Morichi, CEO & Founder of Morichi Atelier / Unite for Italy. 

The innovative partnership between ShelterZoom, Unite For Italy and Morichi Atelier brings together a cutting-edge SaaS technology provider, a non-profit impact initiative aiming to drive advocacy for other impact initiatives, and a boutique sustainable development consulting firm to provide solutions for one of the most difficult issues the nuclear industry faces: data security in waste management. The team plans to develop a fully comprehensive roadmap to provide technology-oriented results that enhance the protection of nuclear data, sensitive information, and management procedures aimed at the resolution of the bigger issues at hand. By creating a more sustainable world, furthering a change in people’s perspectives regarding this energetic sector and paving the way for more companies to use their know-how to make a difference, ShelterZoom and Morichi Atelier have started building the first digitally-secure and fully scalable model that can accommodate the dozens of players in the nuclear waste management landscape. 


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