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Melike Ayan, Chao Cheng-Shorland and Giordano Morichi at Nasdaq Putting H Health & Humanity into ESG

Melike Ayan, Chao Cheng-Shorland and Giordano Morichi at Nasdaq Putting H Health & Humanity into ESG

Melike Ayan with Chao Cheng-Shorland and Giordano Morichi at Putting “H” Health and Humanity into ESG Event

Hosted by Humanity 2.0 & International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)

In this captivating segment Melike, Chao and Giordano discuss topics including:

  • ShelterZoom Mission
  • Digitalized Vatican Archives
  • Awareness of Public Private Partnerships
  • Unite for Italy


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Melike Ayan is the Guest Co-Host at ESG News and Chao Cheng-Shorland is the Co-Founder & CEO at ShelterZoom and Giordano Morichi is the CEO at Unite for Italy

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (00:00):

Thank you. And good afternoon, here we are with ESG and the biggest partners, Humanity 2.0 partners, Chao and Giordano. Welcome back. So I wanna start with you Chao, uh, being one of the greatest pillars and partners to this great platform. Uh, can you describe your organization’s mission to us? Yeah,

Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO, Shelterzoom (00:21):

So Shelter Zoom that’s the organization of mine is a, um, smart contract, a smart document, um, platform and powered by the blockchain technology to really, uh, transform documents, contracts into intelligent interoperable and secure, um, you know, digital asset.

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (00:39):

Is it true? Is it true that I heard that you, uh, digitalized, Vatican archives, yes. Using Bitcoin, how did you do that?

Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO, Shelterzoom (00:47):

Not Bitcoin, but a, uh, tokenization technology,

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (00:50):

Tokenization Technology

Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO, Shelterzoom (00:50):

It’s not a cryptocurrency, but it is, it is a very secure and tokenization and technology. So, uh, yeah, this is the first time any blockchain company has achieved that, we’re very, very proud of this. So, um, basically we actually, um, through Humanity 2.0, We are helping, um, Vatican library, um, digitize their precious archives manuscripts, really preserve those human knowledge, uh, human, um, assets.

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (01:19):

So this is really transhumanism and action, human humanity, and technology together. Girodano, I wanna ask you your opinion about, you know, this event so far, we are at almost half of the event today. How has your feedback been together with Chaos initiative and partnership, the awareness, Did it create enough interest and attempt, do you think?

Giordano Morichi, CEO, Unite for Italy (01:45):

Absolutely. I think, uh, what we’re trying to do, uh, through our public partnerships with humanity 2.0, it’s, it’s maximizing the impact both on businesses and philanthropic activity. I think we are reaching and we’re representing the, the two ends of the spectrum of, of this, uh, initiative, uh, at NASDAQ. Um, she’s taking care through her platform, uh, through the technology and she’s maximizing the impact, achieving something higher. Um, we are trying to do it under Unite for Italy and Humanity 2.0 On the philanthropic and, and the two can merge and coexist, um, to, to create a better future tomorrow, pretty much

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (02:23):

Without each other. And this is the right place to be at NASDAQ market is like, okay, well, what is next from your point of view to make this sustainable?

Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO, Shelterzoom (02:35):

Yeah, so, um, at the moment, uh, we are actually onboarding the first Institute, uh, from the Vatican to use the technology. So internally, um, you know, the, um, the institution themselves and their students can collaborate on, um, the digital, um, you know, the manuscripts in such a secure way and a collaborative way, but then very soon we’ll make, um, these, um, those value manuscripts available to the public, but it’s all still controlled by Vatican. So Vatican still can be assured they have this, you know, they have ownership, they can control the consumption of their manuscripts.

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (03:11):

This is amazing. Last 50 seconds Giordano the same question

Giordano Morichi, CEO, Unite for Italy (03:16):

Maximize the impact through the development of our new platform technology, uh, for donation processes, uh, we will support initiatives and input projects throughout detailing community worldwide, and not only limited to it, of course, worldwide for all humanity.

Melike Ayan, Guest CoHost, ESG News (03:31):

Perfect. Thank you so much. Stay tuned with ESG.


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