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Dalrada Corporation Expands Technology Division With Acquisition of Deposition Technology Ltd.

Dalrada Corporation Expands Technology Division With Acquisition of Deposition Technology Ltd.

Dalrada Corporation is pleased to announce the acquisition of Deposition Technology Ltd. (“DepTec”) as the company continues its growth within the global technology and clean energy sectors. The move is expected to strengthen Dalrada Energy Services as the division pursues innovation and the modernization of energy efficient products and services, including heat pumps, and allows Likido® Green Energy to achieve further expansion.

DepTec is uniquely well positioned to expand its market share in the semiconductor industry during a time of unprecedented growth (currently approaching $200 billion) due to the worldwide shortage of microchips. The company’s deep knowledge and influence across the industry will also assist Likido® with rapid market expansion, offering a green energy solution to the semiconductor sector.

“Adding DepTec to Dalrada’s technology division creates synergies with pressure-based systems, software controls, system integration, and field service support with Likido® Green Energy heat pumps and other products,” said Dalrada’s Chairman and CEO, Brian Bonar. “The acquisition allows both teams to expand capacity and improve design and support for Dalrada’s range of field-based equipment.”

Formed in 2004, DepTec operates globally, providing manufacturing equipment and services from its facilities in Livingston, Scotland, and through its sales and finance offices located in Devon, England.

For semiconductor, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and medical and optoelectronics device manufacturers, DepTec manufactures chemical vapor and physical vapor deposition systems. The company also designs, develops, manufactures, and services advanced vacuum and plasma technology-based systems as well as control systems and software solutions for the semiconductor industry.

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Rob MacKenzie, Director and Co-Founder of DepTec says, “We are extremely proud to become part of the Dalrada group of companies and are confident that this provides DepTec a platform to expand our market penetration and portfolio expansion at an accelerated pace. DepTec is ideally positioned to collaborate with Likido® Green Energy products and will assist in developing semiconductor manufacturing channels.”

MacKenzie added, “We are also pleased to continue assisting customers with advancing their corporate environmental responsibility and ESG goals by reducing equipment carbon footprints and reducing power, gas, and chemical consumption, in conjunction with Likido®.”

Source: Dalrada Corporation


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