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ShelterZoom and ESG News Align to Launch Sustainability Promotion for “Document GPS” to Highlight Power of Web3 Applications

ShelterZoom and ESG News Align to Launch Sustainability Promotion for “Document GPS” to Highlight Power of Web3 Applications

UN Global Compact members join forces and ecosystems to promote energy sustainability, security and ESG through Web3 applications, usage and communications.

ShelterZoom, a leading Web3 smart document company, and ESG News have teamed up to promote ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) best practices. As part of the promotion the two UN Global Compact members will each use their organizations’ strengths to support and promote sustainable business. ShelterZoom’s Web3 Document GPS platform and ESG News’ network and ability to reach industry professionals will combine forces to support ESG on a global scale.

ShelterZoom believes in energy-sustainability through users’ individual and enterprise digital footprint efficiency. Attachment control features such as download and access permissions, disappearing attachments and tracking features all contribute to lower bandwidth usage which ultimately translates to lower energy usage. The Web3 email extension will save redundant storage usage while providing an extra layer of control and monitoring not currently available on mail servers alone.

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According to independent 3rd party sources:

  • An email travels an average of 15,000 km before getting to your screen.
  • Estimated 306 billion daily corporate emails are sent globally, with approximately 25% accompanied by an attachment
  • One year of unread email attachments is equivalent to the CO2 of driving a car 1,093 miles per office worker
  • About 50 grams of CO2 are generated from each email carrying an attachment
  • This equates to about 7.8 terabytes for every 1,000 people per year, just for one email server. An equivalent amount is required for any redundant servers.
  • ShelterZoom’s Document GPS solution helps organizations reduce CO2 (emissions) by 390 Megatons (MT) per 1,000 users per year

“We wanted to incorporate both our beliefs of technology and security with solving real-life problems people face when it comes to sharing business and personal information over the web,” said ShelterZoom CEO and Cofounder, Chao Cheng-Shorland. “We believe data needs to be protected and should only be transferred to people we know and trust. Document GPS helps this be true by tracking where attachments are sent. We are so proud to be able to promote this in a sustainable way.”

Matt Bird, President of ESG News, commented, “ESG News is excited to be working with ShelterZoom on their Document GPS roll-out to promote infrastructure efficiency and security. We hope to inspire more organizations to collaborate on ESG-related strategies to demonstrate and educate others that doing business with sustainable businesses and providers is more than just good for business, it’s great for our planet too.”

Source: ShelterZoom


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