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Financing ESG projects a challenging task: Goldman Sachs MD

Financing ESG projects a challenging task: Goldman Sachs MD

Finding finance for exciting environmental, social, and governance projects that have huge potential to achieve sustainability is now turning out to be a challenging task, according to Goldman Sachs Managing Director Bertie Whitehead.  

“The big challenge is; we see a lot of exciting projects coming, big developments. And it is challenging to find finances for them,” he said during the Future Investment Initiative Institute regional summit in London on Friday. 

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Speaking at the same summit, Cathrine de Coninck-Lopez, global head of ESG, Invesco noted that adapting to climate change is very important. She also added that her firm is the first company to launch ESG Funds in India. 

According to Coninck-Lopez, small steps make big differences, and she urged everyone to get on the journey for a sustainable future. 

Source: Arab News


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