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Matthew Sanders and Fr. Philip Larrey Deliver Opening Address at Humanity 2.0 at the Vatican

Matthew Sanders and Fr. Philip Larrey Deliver Opening Address at Humanity 2.0 at the Vatican

Opening Address delivered by Father Philip Larrey, Chairman of Humanity 2.0 and Matthew Sanders, CEO of Humanity 2.0 at Humanity 2.0 (Vatican City)


  • The Catholic Church is the largest NGO on the planet
  • The Vatican supports over 140,000 schools
  • The catholic church manages 26% of healthcare facilities globally


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Matthew Sanders, CEO of Humanity 2.0 and Fr. Philip Larrey, Chairman of Humanity 2.0

Rev. Philip Larrey – Chairman, Humanity 2.0: 00:02

Thank you everyone here for coming and participating in our Humanity 2.0 forum. This year’s forum will cover three fundamental themes. Number one, what is the humanity 2.0 foundation? What is its vision and what is its mission? Number two, maternal health and the humanity 2.0 lab. Our co-founder, Morad Fareed will take us through that. And number three, the school of business ethics and business leader panels. Each theme will be dealt with in depth by way of several panels during the date. We hope to shed light on the important components of each theme with the help of world renowned experts in the various fields they have agreed to come to Rome for this day of reflection, insight and most importantly action. At Humanity 2.0 we are convinced that it is not enough to analyze our current historical moment or point out what we can do in order to improve the human condition.

Rev. Philip Larrey – Chairman, Humanity 2.0: 01:13

We need to share our message with whomever will listen and discover those key players who are willing to help change current trends. It is our hope that everyone in this room is willing to commit to taking action in order to change what needs to be changed and support those projects which will have a long-term impact on all of humanity. Before handing over the microphone to our CEO, Matthew Sanders, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors. They have shown that they believe in us in a concrete way. They are Cisco, Google, the Robert Grant association, Dignity Health, BurstIQ, Pledge Camp, Falcon Ventures, Uulala, and Crown Sterling. Thank you once again. It’s going to be an exciting day, Matthew.

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 02:23

Morning all. You have to forgive me for reading my speech, but many people insisted I do so. Spit balling is not my area of expertise. We’re meeting at the epicenter of the largest and most influential institution in human history. An institution that’s reach extends to every corner of this planet and has played a profound role in the preservation and transmission of human knowledge. Despite how we may feel about the Catholic church’s beliefs, its impact is unparalleled. The church operates the largest tangible network on the planet. It supports over 140,000 schools, manages approximately 26% of healthcare facilities globally. Stat this still blows my mind, is the second largest provider of social services after government is the largest NGO on the planet, and the Pope is acknowledged by most to be the single most influential soft power on earth. So why am I telling you this? Because I want everyone in this room to understand why we were meeting here. This is a tuition has managed to unite people from every corner of the world, people from countless cultures and backgrounds around a core set of beliefs from which we’ve all been beneficiaries in one form or another. The Catholic church has proven that human beings can unite to serve common goals and that unity enables us to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Humanity 2.0 was formed with the conviction that the challenges we face are not bigger than we are. All that is required to change our destinies, prudence and the willed act, as we all know, humanity once again faces unprecedented challenges. But you coming to the Vatican today to meet, it’s an expression of your hope that we can overcome. But if history has taught us anything, you’d say humans really rise to the occasion less they’re inspired by what should be, and this is why Humanity 2.0 is committed to articulating a common vision. Many of you have probably heard me repeat an ancient saying, “if you know where you’re going, you’re more likely to get there.”

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 04:32

I think most, if not all of you, would admit that humanity at the start of the 21st century lacks a sense of common horizon, a sense of what we’re collectively trying to build to achieve. I think it is fair to say that most of us are motivated by a desire to ensure the next generation thrives and yet are aware that they will face enormous challenges, exasperated by our current generation seeming inability to look beyond our national cultural and religious interests to guarantee a brighter future for our children. I’m sure many of you feel as we do the tackling human challenges or as we put it, impediments to human flourishing can feel like playing whack-a-mole. We knocked down one problem and another takes its place. We spend countless resources and human energy confronting the seeming symptoms that play humanity and I fear we have lost sight of the root disease. Overcoming the disease is the surest way of ensuring the next generation flourishes and this is what Humanity 2.0 is formed to do to strategically and surgically strike at the root of humanities problems. Recognizing and embracing that we’re not the first to try this approach, but committed to building on the colossal insight in progress of those who’ve come before us in new and innovative ways.

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 05:51

The crux of our strategy is to focus on what we can do together, not what we can’t. If we can start finding new ways to leverage aligned existing global platforms like the Catholic church by bringing to bear new technologies, expertise, and strategies, we stand a much better chance of making it as a species. Humanity 2.0 is a secular foundation, meaning it is areligious and it was founded as such to ensure it could collaborate with all people of Goodwill in tackling human challenges. We’re not looking to align people’s belief systems or a place the important role religion plays in people’s lives, but to provide humanity a new way to collaborate and tackle human challenges that leverages every asset at our disposal. Humanity 2.0 is mission is to identify impediments to human flourishing and work collaboratively across sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold innovative solutions.

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 06:48

Now, knowing what the greatest impediments to human flourishing are is contingent on knowing what the greatest recipe for human flourishing is. We need to better understand how human beings flourish and how we maximize flourishing before we can turn our sights on identifying impediments to human flourishing. This is why we found that project vision, which is at the core of Humanity 2.0. Project Visions goals are threefold. One, to identify the key ingredients necessary for maximizing human flourishing. Two, to identify the greatest impediments to human flourishing and three, to rank or triage and to human flourishing. So we know what impediments we need to be focusing on.

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 07:33

Father Ezra will speak more on project vision during his presentation so I’ll let him touch more on it, but what I will assert as something, I think we all know that we have everything we need to overcome, the challenges we face. We just need to better understand the challenges and know where to focus our efforts. While the project vision team is working, we felt it necessary to demonstrate the possibilities of uniting the public, private and face sectors and tackling impediments to human flourishing. This is why we are establishing the Humanity 2.0 lab, which Morad will speak of shortly and the school of business ethics which are illustrious chairman, father Philip Larrey. I’s leading the fact that humanity doesn’t have an effective gold standard on how to optimize pregnancy to ensure the best outcomes for mother and child is astonishing and is but one contributing factor for why we are in the midst of a global maternal health crisis. How is it possible? The most important biological process for our species receives less funding and attention than male pattern baldness.

Matthew Sanders – CEO, Humanity 2.0: 08:35

Again, the maternal health crisis speaks to a fundamental confusion of humanity’s priorities. The fact that both big and small companies from around the world every day still collapse because of a lack of attentiveness in respect for ethical and philosophical processes and thinking which father Phillip will speak to this afternoon is yet more evidence that our economies may be growing but they’re not sufficiently evolving. We hope that you will see that transformative possibilities of these projects and we’ll choose to support them. Support Humanity 2.0 and what we hope will be our work of building a true human progress accelerator. Thank you.


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