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SSAB Annual Report 2021 published

SSAB Annual Report 2021 published

SSAB has today published its Annual Report 2021 and the Corporate Governance Report 2021.

The Annual Report 2021 comprises four parts:

  • Business Review
  • Sustainability Report
  • Corporate Governance Report
  • Financial Reports 2021 (adopted by the Board of Directors)

The Annual Report provides an overview of SSAB’s financial and sustainability performance in 2021.

The Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards and for the first time also provides information in accordance with the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

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The Annual Report is available in English and Swedish at ssab.com and ssab.se respectively. The Business Review, including the CEO’s review, is available in Finnish at ssab.fi.

The Corporate Governance Report 2021, which is not part of the Report of the Board of Directors, and the related Auditor’s report are also available at ssab.com in the Corporate Governance Section.

Source: SSAB


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