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Stephen Meskers State Representative for Connecticut with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum

Stephen Meskers State Representative for Connecticut with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum

Stephen Meskers State Representative for State of Connecticut with Matt Bird at Greenwich Economic Forum (Greenwich, CT)  


  • $18 trillion in assets attending 2019 GEF
  • This past year, state of Connecticut passed the first balanced budget without raising any taxes
  • Ray Dalio announces $100 million investment into education system


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Stephen Meskers, State Representative 150th District for Greenwich & Hartford with Matt Bird

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 00:00

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show broadcasting worldwide from Greenwich, Connecticut. We’ve got the 2019 Greenwich Economic Forum. And my next guest is Steve Meskers. He is the state representative for the 150th district in Greenwich representing Greenwich and Hartford. Is that correct? 

Stephen Meskers – State Representative, Greenwich CT: 00:16

Yes, that’s correct. Thank you Matt. I’m very pleased to be here today. 

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 00:20

Stephen, you know what, thanks for coming down. I appreciate your time. So we’re here at this event. We got a lot of thought leaders here, a lot of impact development leaders. A lot of CEOs, investment bankers, hedge fund managers. I think the number was 7 trillion in wealth that’s sitting in this room right next to us. We just heard the first selectman and the governor speak on economic development in Connecticut. Tell us why this event is so important to you.

Stephen Meskers – State Representative, Greenwich CT: 00:50

You know, I sat for 35 years on wall street and I have to say that this is an impressive collection of asset gatherers. The probably the most impressive group I’ve seen in my years on wall street. And I think what it speaks to is that Connecticut is on the mend and turning around. They’ve held this form for a couple of years and we were beginning to see the economic impetus coming through and to see both Ned Lamont, our democratic governor and Peter Tesei who is effectively the mayor of Greenwich and a Republican working together to bring this group of esteemed individuals here gives me great hope for where the, where Connecticut is heading. 

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 01:28

Well, I think this is a terrific start and this is the second annual event from my understanding. You know, we cover the World Economic Forum and I can say that the talent and intellectual property here rivals what we see over at WEF and the governor and the first selectman had mentioned the economic impact that this event could potentially have on the state. From a business development perspective, how do you see this evolving?

Stephen Meskers – State Representative, Greenwich CT: 01:44

The way I see it evolving is that you’ve got now a governor who’s got an incredibly deep background in business and he’s moving us forward in terms of reaching out to the private sector for development. You’ve got Ray Dalio up at the up at the platform now speaking who is the founder and president of Bridgewater Associates. And he just announced $100 million investment in the educational system, I believe about 8 to 12 months ago. And you can see the investments that they’re making human capital, which will help turn this state around. We’ve got a tremendous defense industry here. We’ve got a tremendous need in unfilled jobs and you get the training programs that are, that are coming forth in the state are just impressive.

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 02:37

That’s incredible. You know, we also we also notice on the roster here, I’m, I’m holding the agenda. We got Byron Allen, Rubenstein and a few others. It’s obviously, and we have the former CEO of Yahoo and AMI, obviously other news and networks and everything. I was covering this it’s becoming a lightning rod. Where could this go from here? 

Stephen Meskers – State Representative, Greenwich CT: 02:58

Where this go can from here, as you will begin to see the governor and his economic development officer David Lehman, who’s an ex Goldman Sachs partner, you will see them begin to bring the force to bear in Connecticut, in the public realm of the private sector and that that’s going to be the signal we need to get the turnaround going in Connecticut to attract capital and investment. So we’re talking about public private partnerships. We’re also talking about reinvigorated private sector. You know, this past year I sat in the state assembly and we passed the first balanced budget without raising in a material way any of the taxes. We’re balancing the budget, we’re resolving the pension issues that plagued Connecticut and we’re going and all the rating agencies gave us an upgrade or the rating agencies moved our outlook depositive it’s a sign that things are on the mend and we’re headed in the right direction.

Matt Bird – Host, Traders Network Show: 03:26

I would have to certainly agree with that, listen, we had a cut to commercial break. I’d love to have you back a little bit later. We’re going to be around for the next couple of days and I appreciate the input. Everybody, Steven Meskers, State Representative for the 150 districts in Greenwich representing Greenwich and Hartford. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Special thanks out to our affiliate partners, ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS. We’re going to be right back after these messages. You’re not going to miss our next guest. Don’t go away.

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