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Bluebird Network Commits to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040

Bluebird Network Commits to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2040

Bluebird Network updates its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Roadmap to develop a more structured and dynamic sustainability program

Bluebird Network, a colocation data center and communications infrastructure provider, announces its commitment to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Earlier this year, Bluebird finalized its ESG roadmap developing a more structured and dynamic sustainability program, achieving its goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.

In order to accomplish net-zero carbon emissions, Bluebird determined the greenhouse gas (GHG) generated by its facilities and will be revamping its existing sustainability initiatives. The company plans to reduce its GHG emissions across all activities as much as possible. An example is implementing sustainable purchasing alternatives and vendor relationships to reduce Bluebird’s total carbon footprint, up and down the supply chain. Additional examples of sustainable solutions include:

  • Created a Used Electronic Purchasing program
  • Created an Electronic Recycling, Reuse, Refurbish program
  • Purchased dynamic fuel model vehicles to replace older models
  • Established closed-loop water systems within data centers
  • Adoption of LED lighting technologies at data center facilities
  • Creation of hot air return plenums at data center facilities to improve cooling efficiencies

Bluebird’s net-zero initiative sets the direction and serves to support its employees, customers, partners, and communities across the Midwest, in taking responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint as well. In addition to offering high-quality products and services, Bluebird assists customers and partners in achieving their own sustainability goals.

“As a communications infrastructure provider and colocation data center operator, we’re assuming our responsibility and taking action to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Elliott Gillespie, VP of Operations at Bluebird Network. “We have always prioritized energy efficiency, but now we are taking a step further to ensure we’re doing our part to protect the environment and help our customers and partners do the same.”

Bluebird believes it is important to go beyond the benefits of traditional environmental stewardship and commits to taking a more holistic approach embedding key social goals within the business. The company will continue its energy audits and commissioning on facilities to determine Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and will support improvement in energy efficiency measures that ultimately reduce GHG emissions. Bluebird Network commits to remaining transparent and dedicated to reaching net-zero emissions by 2040 and the company’s ESG initiatives overall.

Source: Bluebird Network


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