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Brendan Doherty Co-Founder of Forbes Impact Interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0

Brendan Doherty Co-Founder of Forbes Impact Interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0

Brendan Doherty, Co-Founder of Forbes Impact at Forbes interview with Matt Bird at Humanity 2.0 (Vatican City)


  • Humanity 2.0 is bringing together a dynamic group of people to help project our society forward
  • Cultural capital sits above global economy
  • Forbes is aligning culture and capital and adapting with the times


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Brendan Doherty, Co-Founder of Forbes Impact at Forbes with Matt Bird

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 00:00    

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show and our continued coverage of Humanity 2.0. I’m Matt Bird broadcasting worldwide from the Vatican for Equities.com and our affiliate partners. My next guest is the director of Forbes impact, Brendan Doherty. Brendan, welcome to the show. So be my eyes and ears a little bit. We’ve been out here on the street, you know, doing one-on-one interviews and meanwhile there’s a lot of stuff going on inside at the event. We’ve seen that, I think, I know the president of Malta, she did an address in there. We heard Matt Sanders he did the opening remarks. There’s been some stuff in between. Brendan, give us a little bit of a, a flavor, the flavor, what’s going on. 

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 00:44            

Yeah, I mean, one thing is that whenever you say you’re going to the Vatican to bring folks together, like it’s magnetic, right? Like, I mean, I reached out, I brought a couple of folks with me here as well from a lot of different backgrounds. And I think that’s the starting point in many ways as people arrive here and feel like there’s something heady, like there’s this ability that’s cultural power that’s like behind it all that’s helping give it lift. And then when you take that baseline, like that’s the baseline. Like it’s not in like a Hilton in the middle of like, you know, Fresno, I like Hilton’s and I like Fresno, but the idea is like, we’re here where history, you know, is the depth is there. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 01:18

Well, I mean, look, even look where we’re standing right now. This is the courtyard, but this is where Kings and Queens knights, you know, knights of the round table, they’ve all, this is where they rest in peace. It’s a pretty historic thing. But as somebody who’s never been to Rome before, I look at the buildings and just, it’s like these buildings were built for a purpose. I mean, it’s pretty substantial stuff. But yeah, so I get what you’re saying, let’s tie it back to get back to what’s going on inside. 

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 01:28            

So I think what’s happening is, you know, I’ve been working with the Vatican now for a couple of years and what they’ll sometimes say is the Vatican works on a timeline of infinity. That kind of timeline is both deep and meaningful and it puts, you know, value in long-term goals and perspective. But it also means like it can be sluggish, right? Or it can be like rooted in ideas or in practices that don’t reflect the values of today. But Humanity 2.0, I think he’s trying to do is accelerate some of that Bridget disruptive even actually like bringing disruptively my pink collar is, right.

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 02:17            

I mean like this idea is this idea is that, you know, you could have an institution that has all of the weight and gravitas and credibility and you know, like sort of, values that have the come with authority that are rooted in it, but then layer on top of it, how do we solve problems of today with folks that are maybe more diverse than is often associated with, you know, with the Vatican. So I think that’s what’s special is happening is they’re bringing together a much more dynamic group of people who saying, we face some pretty urgent challenges today. Let’s use this platform but project forward.

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 02:50

You know, I’ve been fortunate, I’ve met a bunch of the guests and speakers that are, you know, that have spoken and will be. And I can say that there seems to be a symbiotic relationship with all the influencers in here, in the room. Everybody has their own impact initiatives and goals. And I think together as a melting pot, it’s a stronger, this a stronger foundation. The things you’re doing at Forbes impact, how does that tie into Humanity 2.0 and some of the things that you’re focused on?

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 03:04            

Look, I think, you know, media narratives are what shape our global narratives and will shape our economy. You know, in many ways I think cultural capital, is what I would call it, sits above the economy and it influences our behaviors or attitudes. At Forbes, what I found was there’s this extraordinary platform, again, like for companies, a hundred year old company, I mean, very few companies, you know, last 15 years, 20 years, this is a hundred year old company that made this shift from print to digital, didn’t just survive and thrive. They hit about 70 million people online a month of which nearly a half are women, about a third are millennial business owners.

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 03:57            

So the demographic that Forbes able to reach from a business leadership standpoint, but also from the diversity standpoint is more than, you know, when I first got involved, I sort of pictured, you know, my grandfather and a mahogany desk in the corner suite in a little, you know, printed magazine top right. It couldn’t be more different today. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 04:17

Right. So, well, Forbes is certainly reinvented itself in a way that it’s rivaled all the other public of the publishers out there, most of them are struggling. A wall street journal is doing a good job, but they still have a really solid, traditional, you know, a paper base. But I got to tell you, I’m a fan of Forbes, I follow it myself. I’ve had partnerships with Forbes in the past. And I think the content is bar none. It’s substantial. And it’s great to see millennials embracing that legacy and the legacy perspective on the financial capital markets, which we’re not seeing that direct correlation translation to other networks.

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 04:40            

And that’s what I think Forbes Impact really has become a nexus for, which is that it’s really the intersection of culture and capital and aligning that around solving some of the bigger challenges in the world. And you know, for a millennial, it’s kind of like standard operating procedure, right? It’s like, Hey, yeah, of course we’re going to align my values with my dollars, with the kind of work I want to do. And it means I hop around to a job every two years. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 05:16

Exactly at least I hope not for us. But I’ll tell you what, listen, we got to wrap this up. We got a commercial break coming and you got a panel, you’re going to be on a little. Tell me a little bit that. 

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 05:23            

So this one’s all about business ethics, right? It’s about how do you create a layer of ethics that that for CEOs, for business leaders, for entrepreneurs, you know, just like you’d hire a McKinsey to come in and help you figure out your growth strategy. Why not have an ethics consultancy that also comes in and aligned yourself with that so that your company can help, not just drive profit, which needs to do, but also drive, you know, movement around bringing folks out of the shadows of our economy about making it more inclusive about reflecting the values today in.

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 05:58

I guess in Forbes terminology we’re talking about triple bottom line. 

Brendan Doherty – Co-Founder, Forbes Impact @ Forbes: 06:02

Yes, triple bottom line, aligning values with capital. 

Matt Bird – Show Host, Traders Network Show: 06:04

I love it. Everybody, Brendan Doherty, the director of Forbes Impact. All right listen, we’re going to cut to commercial break. We’ll be right back with our next guest. You’re not going to want to miss that. Don’t go away.


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