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CapIntel to Equip Advisors with ESG Metrics

CapIntel to Equip Advisors with ESG Metrics

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  • CapIntel ESG addresses the growing investor demands for advisors to align portfolios with environmental, social and governance values.

CapIntel, a leading financial technology company that improves fund analysis, proposal generation, and day-to-day workflow efficiency for financial services wholesalers and investment advisors, has announced the launch of CapIntel ESG.

CapIntel ESG equips advisors with a new visual tool to provide comprehensive, ESG-inclusive metrics to clients. CapIntel ESG utilizes data from MSCI ESG Research, which provides in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of ESG-related business practices to companies worldwide.

Regulatory pressures, climate risks, social shifts, and data security concerns are increasing portfolio risks for investors. With 63% of global investors preferring ESG-driven portfolios to conventional portfolios, advisors need tools to compare both conventional portfolio metrics as well as ESG metrics. CapIntel ESG will enable advisors to provide more impactful and holistic advice to help clients identify public companies’ exposures to ESG risks and gauge the related impact on their investment portfolios.

“We are excited to collaborate with MSCI, which has a long-standing reputation for transparent, consistent, robust and up-to-date data that provides meaningful insights beyond corporate disclosure,” says James Rockwood, Founder and CEO of CapIntel. “They have been leading transformative ESG conversations since 1999, and we are proud to offer our users valuable and relevant data from a leading source.”

“MSCI is committed to helping advisors understand and analyze key drivers of risk and return and confidently build more effective portfolios for their clients. ESG risk is financial risk, and MSCI ESG Research insights available via CapIntel supports investors’ efforts to build resilient portfolios,” says Alex Kokolis, Managing Director, Global Head of Wealth Management Segment.

CapIntel ESG offers advisors the ability to conduct side-by-side graphical comparisons, enabling swift identification of differences between various products. Additionally, the data is complemented by educational content that is accessible to investors, fostering meaningful conversations and confident decision-making.

Users of the CapIntel platform that add the ESG module will have access to five ESG metrics: ESG Peer Ranking, ESG Global Ranking, ESG Ratings, Carbon Intensity, and Implied Temperature Rise. For additional metrics, clients can license with MSCI and access extra data points on the CapIntel platform.

Source: CapIntel


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