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Comstock and Davis Construction Partner to Promote Sustainable Construction at Reston Station Development

Comstock and Davis Construction Partner to Promote Sustainable Construction at Reston Station Development

Use of CarbonCure technology will reduce CO2 emissions and improve concrete strength

Comstock Holding Companies, Inc. announced a partnership with DAVIS Construction on the introduction of CarbonCure, a sustainable concrete component, in the construction of the newest phase of Comstock’s Reston Station development. Development began on Reston Row @ Reston Station last year with construction of an underground parking garage containing 2,500+ parking spaces.

CarbonCure is clean technology that produces greener concrete by recycling carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during the cement manufacturing process and injecting the recycled CO2 into fresh concrete during mixing. Once injected, the CO2 transforms into a mineral that improves the compressive strength of concrete and captures the recycled CO2 emissions which are never re-released into the atmosphere. Every cubic yard of concrete produced with CarbonCure technology saves an average of 25 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Slated for early 2023 delivery, the newest garage at Reston Station will be constructed with more than 110,000 cubic yards of concrete produced with CarbonCure technology, which translates into 2.75 million pounds of carbon that will be recycled and not be released into the atmosphere as a result of Comstock and Davis deploying CarbonCure technology during construction. In addition to the garage, Comstock plans to build four new high-rise buildings at the development. An average high-rise building constructed with CarbonCure saves 1.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to the carbon absorbed by 880 acres of forest in a year.

“We recognize that real estate development can have significant impact on the environment we all share,” said Chris Clemente, Chairman and CEO of Comstock. “We believe in using the power of business relationships and green technology to make the world a safer place for all. That is why we are proud to be partnering with Davis Construction on key ESG initiatives that incorporate carbon reduction technologies into our ongoing developments.”

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“We truly believe this is a milestone in sustainable construction,” said Davis Construction CEO and President Jim Davis. “The long-standing partnership between Comstock and Davis is rooted in trust and fueled by innovation. From safety to sustainability, we’re proud to continue setting higher standards for the industry through our work together in the Reston community.”

Comstock and Davis Construction are also planning to incorporate additional carbon reduction initiatives into in the construction of the 1.5 million square feet of new buildings planned for above the Reston Row parking garage. Planned initiatives include the use of solar panels to generate a portion of the temporary power needed for construction equipment as well as the reduced usage and green disposal of thousands of disposable plastic water bottles.

Comstock plans on publishing its first annual ESG Report later this year, detailing its current ESG initiatives and their impactful results.

Source: Comstock Holding Companies, Inc.


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