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Ekinops strengthens its ESG engagement by creating a dedicated committee to meet the new challenges of sustainable development

Ekinops strengthens its ESG engagement by creating a dedicated committee to meet the new challenges of sustainable development

EKINOPS, a leading supplier of telecommunications solutions for telecom operators and businesses, announces, as part of the strengthening of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy, the creation of an ESG committee.

This committee, composed of three members of the Board of Directors, including the Chairman and CEO of Ekinops, is mandated to advise the company and issue recommendations on social responsibility, and identifies the extra-financial risks associated with its activity in order to achieve sustainable and responsible value creation. Therefore, the Board of Directors has appointed:

  • Ms. Lori Gonnu, independent director, as Chair of the ESG Committee;
  • Ms. Charlotte Corbaz, director, as a member of the ESG Committee;
  • and Mr. Didier Brédy, Chairman – CEO, as a member of the ESG Committee.

At the same time, Ekinops has set up an ESG working group, bringing together a number of skills from different departments within the company (human resources, legal department, quality department, communication, purchasing department, etc.) with the aim of implementing Ekinops’ actions in the context of its ESG policy.

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An ESG policy built for all stakeholders, centered on three strategic areas

Ekinops’ ESG policy is structured around three strategic areas:

  • Being an employer of choice: as part of its human resources policy, the Group is careful to maintain and develop the skills of its employees, ensure good working conditions and preserve their well-being and health, and retain them through a policy of mobility and attractive compensation. The development of a genuine corporate culture enables all employees to unite around a common project, driven by the desire to develop the business and by the desire to work in a positive team dynamic.
  • Being a responsible company with respect to third parties: Ekinops aims for transparency and integrity towards all its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.). The group has set responsible systems and practices such as the integration of social and environmental criteria in purchasing and subcontracting practices, the implementation of a code of conduct regarding the prevention of corruption, conflicts of interest, respect for laws and individuals, and sincerity in reporting.
  • Limiting the environmental impact of its activities: Ekinops strives to minimize its carbon footprint in all phases of the product life cycle through specific actions such as the choice of environmentally friendly or recycled raw materials, ISO14001 certification of production sites, commitment to programs to reduce water and energy consumption, etc. The group has carried out the first assessment of its carbon footprint for the year 2021. Commitments for improvement will be presented in the 2022 ESG Annual report.

Didier Brédy, Chairman and CEO of Ekinops said:

“Ekinops continues to invest to ensure long-term profitable growth while facing the challenges of sustainable value creation. To this end, we are developing our governance through the creation of this dedicated committee, which demonstrates our determination and reaffirms our commitment to serving our stakeholders by defining tangible actions and by engaging all our employees. We are proud to take this step forward, which will stimulate innovation in the design of our products and services and contribute on a larger scale to a positive impact on society.”



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