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NetDragon Announces Its Commitment to ESG

NetDragon Announces Its Commitment to ESG

NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited, a global leader in building internet communities, announced its sustainability visions and disclosed several key policies whilst launching its brand-new ESG website sections.

NetDragon is committed to leading the way in all aspects of sustainability, including Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. Based on our corporate mission and values, we have set forth in our ESG website our ESG governance structure and disclosed in great details our internal policies focusing on business ethics, data privacy and security, minor internet user protection and human capital management. In addition, we have also been consistently reporting our accomplishments and plans through annual ESG reports for the past five years.

The NetDragon Board of Directors issued the following statement to sum up our ESG commitment: “As a global leader in building internet communities, we believe that it is our responsibility to promote sustainable development, to help build a fair and equal society and to achieve high standard of corporate governance. We are fully committed to achieve ESG excellence by effective implementation of our governance structure and strict compliance of our policies. We firmly believe that as we follow through on our sustainability visions, we will also put ourselves in a great position to deliver sustainable return for our investors.”

The new ESG sections of NetDragon are now available at:http://ir.nd.com.cn/en/sustainable-development-en

Source: NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited


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