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Worldly Introduces Sustainability Data Solution for Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency and Compliance

Worldly Introduces Sustainability Data Solution for Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency and Compliance

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Facility Data Manager enables brands and manufacturers to share timely primary environmental data and insights to track and accelerate impact.

Worldly, the leading supply chain sustainability data and insights platform for the consumer goods and apparel industries, today announced the launch of Facility Data Manager (FDM) to help businesses more effectively track ongoing progress towards their decarbonization targets and make decisions that drive environmental improvements faster. As sustainability regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) emerge globally, FDM helps brands prepare for environmental reporting requirements by providing timely primary data that aligns with regulatory frameworks.

Aligned with Cascale’s industry standard Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) — the most comprehensive assessment for environmental performance in the consumer goods industry — Worldly’s new Facility Data Manager enables manufacturing facilities to regularly share key impact data with their brand and retail partners. Brands can access quantitative data on energy, water, waste and other impacts submitted by dozens to thousands of manufacturing facilities, as frequently as monthly. With FDM, brands can see the waste, water and emissions they are uniquely responsible for within a single factory. This addresses a critical industry need for more timely, standardized, high-quality primary data and insights for assessing ongoing risks and opportunities for supply chain improvements and reporting sustainability progress.

We are pleased to introduce Facility Data Manager as a transformative addition to Worldly’s sustainability solutions,” says Scott Raskin, CEO of Worldly. “At Worldly, our goal is to help companies make clear, credible progress against their environmental and labor targets while helping them prepare and comply with important evolving regulatory requirements. This requires more actionable data and deeper collaboration between manufacturers and brands. I’m excited about the improved insights and transparency into performance, targets and progress that Facility Data Manager provides, and the new level of partnership that it enables as companies look to accelerate impact across the supply chain.

Manufacturing facilities that complete the annual Higg FEM assessment can automatically import monthly data from FDM into Higg FEM, reducing reporting time and avoiding redundancy of work. Additionally, within FDM, facilities can track their own sustainability targets and share progress with their brand and retailer partners, enabling a new level of collaboration and transparency across the complex global supply chain.

Strong communication with our brand partners is essential to our business,” Cecilia Chan, Chief Commercial Officer of Legend Swimwear Factory Limited, said. “Sustainability innovations like this from Worldly deepen our collaboration with brands and make it much easier for us to not only help them meet their environmental targets, but ours as well.

Facility Data Manager has been developed in alignment with the Higg FEM tool established by Cascale (formerly Sustainable Apparel Coalition) in 2011. As the most widely used standardized measurement framework within the apparel and footwear industry, the Higg Index suite of tools is available exclusively on the Worldly platform and used by 350+ brands and 40,000 facilities around the world for measuring environmental and social impact. Cascale will soon begin to engage its members through a governance process to support FDM’s adoption into the Higg Index.

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We welcome the additional data insights and synergistic opportunities provided by Worldly’s Facility Data Manager,” said Colin Browne, CEO of Cascale, the global nonprofit alliance empowering collaboration to drive equitable and restorative business practices in the consumer goods industry. “FDM integrates seamlessly with Cascale’s Higg Facility Environmental Module to provide a clear and transparent picture of environmental impacts and help our members improve sustainability and align with relevant industry standards. It’s exactly what our industry needs to catalyze impact at scale.


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