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Assan Aluminyum Prioritizes ESG Through New Sustainable Products and CSR Projects

Assan Aluminyum Prioritizes ESG Through New Sustainable Products and CSR Projects

Assan Aluminyum, a subsidiary of the Kibar Group, prioritizes ESG (environmental, social, governance) in its long-term strategies and future plans. The company follows the Performance Standards of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) as a guideline to become more sustainable in their production and recycling operations. New sustainable product launches, corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects and sustainable expansion plans lay the groundwork for the company’s ESG-oriented future plans.

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Assan Aluminyum, one of the two largest aluminium foil producers in Europe, designs its processes and investment plans based on its core value of reliabilityflexibilityinnovation and sustainability. Assan Aluminyum’s General Manager Goksal Gungor explains their future plans and developments prioritizing sustainability: “We have some exiting news regarding on all 3 dimensions of ESG. As a part of our environmental sustainability-oriented developments, our highly competent R&D team is working on a series of low-carbon, premium products. Our 3423 Recycling-Friendly Alloy is a fine example of these, as is uses more than 95% non-primary aluminium as raw material. Therefore 3423 has a 50% less carbon footprint than equivalent products.” The company also produces renewable energy at its own power plant, at an equivalent rate to its annual electricity consumption. Through the International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC) generated and purchased, the company is able to fully offset its scope 2 emissions.

On the social responsibility front, the company has recently begun a CSR project, supporting the Women’s Empowerment Cooperative of Manavgat, where its renewable energy power plant is located. By helping the women of Manavgat establish an industrial kitchen, Assan Aluminyum aims to help local women gain financial freedom and also contribute to the local economy. This project is also significant, as it supports the gender equality vision of the Kibar Group, which is emphasized by the “WE Are Equal” Project carried out on this issue group-wide.

On the third dimension of ESG, governance, Assan Aluminyum also strengthens its muscles through some new developments. The company was recently certified in ISO 31000 Risk Management Systems and ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Systems, assisting it in its effective risk management. Additionally, through a series of sustainable investment plans worth almost 100 million USD, the company not only aims to reduce its carbon footprint but also to expand its annual production capacity to 360.000 tons by next year, allowing it to have the largest continuous casting capacity in all of Europe and Americas.

Source: PRNewswire


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