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Charles River® Launches Tailored Portfolio Solutions to Power Portfolio Personalization at Scale, Integrates Axioma Portfolio Optimizer™

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Charles River® Launches Tailored Portfolio Solutions to Power Portfolio Personalization at Scale, Integrates Axioma Portfolio Optimizer™

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Charles River Development, a State Street Company, today announced the launch of Tailored Portfolio Solutions, an offering that enables both wealth managers and asset managers to provide high-value, fully customized portfolios at scale. The solution integrates the Axioma Portfolio OptimizerTM (APO) from index and analytics provider Qontigo.

Tailored Portfolio Solutions addresses the growing industry demand for personalized portfolios. The fully integrated solution provides managers with the technology capabilities to tailor portfolios that consider each individual investor’s unique tax circumstance, risk appetite, and personal ESG values and beliefs across asset classes and investment styles. This enables wealth managers and asset managers to meet investor expectations, improve client outcomes, increase operational efficiency, and manage costs.

“Tailored Portfolio Solutions allows wealth and asset management firms to provide a differentiated and sought-after product to their customers,” said Randy Bullard, Global Head of Wealth at Charles River Development. “For retail investors, Tailored Portfolio Solutions democratizes access to customized portfolios that reflect their personal convictions, tax circumstances, and risk tolerance.”

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Tailored Portfolio Solutions offers an innovative approach to portfolio personalization by embedding optimization technology in an end-to-end customization process. The workflow is tightly integrated within Charles River-hosted environments and leverages APO as the engine for customization. This highly efficient process enables the delivery of personalized portfolios at the volume and scale required by firms serving the wealth management market.

“We are delighted to expand our partnership with Charles River by integrating our industry-leading optimizer into Tailored Portfolio Solutions,” said Chris Canova, Global Head of Customer Experience, Qontigo. “APO can handle a wide range of complex scenarios and constraints like tax efficient active SMA management, direct indexing, and ESG strategies, in line with the goals of Charles River’s offering of delivering customization and personalization—all at scale.”

Source: Charles River Development

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