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China Regulator Launches Country’s First Sustainable Aviation Fuel(SAF) Technical Center

China Regulator Launches Country’s First Sustainable Aviation Fuel(SAF) Technical Center

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  • China launches its first technical centre for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Chengdu.
  • The centre aims to establish industry standards and catalyze significant investments in SAF.
  • China projects 2.5 million tons of SAF use annually by 2030, aligning with global green aviation trends.

China has launched its first technical centre dedicated to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in Chengdu, marking a significant step towards greener aviation practices. The Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) announced the centre’s focus on setting standards and conducting product research.

This initiative positions China as a leader in the global SAF market,” said two SAF industry executives with direct knowledge of the launch. China, consuming 11% of the world’s jet fuel, is expected to unveil its SAF policy by 2030, spurring billions in investment and aligning with global sustainability goals.

China’s SAF initiative is driven by its need to reduce aviation emissions. Despite limited test flights, the country is set to ramp up production with over $1 billion invested in converting waste cooking oil into aviation fuel. These biofuel plants will cater to both domestic and export demands.

The CAAC’s objectives include establishing a Chinese certification system for sustainable fuel,” noted the report. This new technical centre is also developing test facilities for evaluating SAF products. China’s aviation fuel consumption is projected to exceed 50 million metric tons annually by 2030, with SAF use expected to reach 2.5 million tons per year.

SAF, derived from renewable resources like waste oils, offers a substantial reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional jet fuel. The establishment of this centre in Chengdu highlights China’s commitment to advancing its SAF capabilities and contributing to global green aviation initiatives.

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By investing in SAF research and production, China aims to play a pivotal role in the global transition to greener aviation practices,” the CAAC’s report emphasized. The proactive approach in developing industry policies, standards, and certification systems positions China to become a key player in the global SAF market, fostering innovation and driving substantial investments in sustainable aviation technologies.

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