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OYSTER ABLE Improves Recycling and Reuse With Its Innovative AIoT Solutions

OYSTER ABLE Improves Recycling and Reuse With Its Innovative AIoT Solutions

OYSTER ABLE has developed three innovative solutions that help people separate trash easily. A recycle solution ‘Today’s Recycle’, a reuse solution ‘Lalaloop’, and an environmental activity certification platform, ‘HERO8’ are those.

It consumes 95% less energy and produces 90% less greenhouse gas to recycle aluminum cans than making new cans from raw materials. Although recycling is one way to protect the global environment and conserve resources, it is not properly followed.

‘Today’s Recycle’ is a solution consisting of an AIoT recycling bin and a dedicated application. Local governments and companies place AIoT recycling bins in public places such as parks or stadiums, and users can separate and dispose of cans, PET, and milk cartons using the application. The recycling rate of waste can be increased by scanning a QR code and barcode on recyclable waste and then disposing of the items separately in designated bins. Users also earn points as a reward for recycling and the points can be used for purchasing various products in ”Obun Shopping” and “Naeil Market” within the ‘Today’s Recycle’ application.

‘Lalaloop’, which stands for ‘pleasant resource circulation’, was developed for consumers to easily return and for business users to conveniently retrieve reusable cups, which are an alternative to the disposable cups that are used and thrown away. ‘Lalaloop’ is a solution that refunds deposits paid by citizens to use the multi-use cups instead of disposable cups immediately upon returning the cups and collects returned cups by way of a dispenser. Currently, ‘Lalaloop’ is installed at Starbucks in Seoul and Jeju Island in South Korea.

The company is making a significant contribution to the reduction of disposable cups. As of December 2021, 350 units of ‘Today’s Recycle’ have been installed in 12 cities including Seoul and Busan. 17 units of ‘Lalaloop’ are currently in use in Seoul while 26 units have been installed in Jeju Island.

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‘HERO8’ is a recycling authentication platform based on smartphone applications, not hardware. ‘HERO8’ creates a carbon-neutral and circular economy with a natural cycle structure that encourages the participation of businesses, local governments, and citizens by providing solutions that can easily and conveniently encourage participation in recycling and reuse. It also provides rewards to participating citizens to continuously provide motivation.

Tae-Goan Bae, the CEO of OYSTER ABLE, said, “The rapid increase of disposable products is a major stumbling block to urban resource circulation, and reuse is an essential choice in our society in order to move toward carbon neutrality.” He added, “Our solution is expected to receive a lot of attention and we have expectations as a representative innovation of ESG, which is a core interest of recent corporate management.”

Source: Oyster Able


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