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Simon Carkeek Head of Commercial for FT Live Delivers Closing Remarks at Greenwich Economic Forum

Simon Carkeek Head of Commercial for FT Live Delivers Closing Remarks at Greenwich Economic Forum

Simon Carkeek, Head of Commercial for FT Live delivers closing remarks at Greenwich Economic Forum (Greenwich, CT)


  • Attendees at 2019 GEF totaled over $15 Trillion in AUM
  • Greenwich is one of the epicenters of the public equity, venture capital, and hedge fund sectors
  • 90% of Greenwich forum attendees felt they learned something new and interesting


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Simon Carkeek, Head of Commercial for FT Live

Simon Carkeek – Head of Commercial, FT Live: 00:00

FT Live, does 200 events globally every year, all over the world. But this is the first time we’ve been in Greenwich, Connecticut. And we’re delighted to be here. It’s been a fascinating, and dare I say, quite groundbreaking event. I’ve been inspired and overwhelmed sometimes by the presentations that I’ve heard here. And I hope you have too. One thing I have learned in my 20 years as an event organizer is that feedback is key and I’m a bit of a feedback junkie and there’s been a lot of talk about data and the importance of understanding what people really think over the last two days. And I can buy into that and I think it ties into what Bob was talking about as well. So we will be sending round a feedback form online after the event to everyone that registered. But what I’d like to do, I think I’d like to do, yeah, I’m going to do it. What I’d like to do is the people that are still here in the room, I’d just like to do a straw poll and kind of get your initial thoughts on how you think the event was for you personally.

Simon Carkeek – Head of Commercial, FT Live: 01:25

Could everyone who thought or who learned something new and interesting over the last two days, please raise their hand. Okay. That looks like a good 90% plus. Okay, good start. All right. Could anyone who’s been inspired by something they’ve heard over the last two days, please raise their hand now if everyone has to raise their hand, because if no one else inspired you today, I hope Bob did. Can anyone who met a new friend or business contact over the last few days, please raise their hand? We’re doing pretty well, right? We’re doing well. Okay. Now, this last one, this is a bit of a risk.

Simon Carkeek – Head of Commercial, FT Live: 02:09

But I’m going to do it anyway. And please be honest. Honest feedback is important. Can everyone or can anyone who thinks attending this event will help you make better business decisions? And what I mean by that is more money potentially. Over the next 12 months, please raise their hand. Okay, well hopefully that paid for your ticket. Hopefully that means you’ll come back next year. But no, in all honesty we’re really delighted to be here. I’d like to thank Jim and Bruce for hosting this event. Fabulous. They worked tirelessly.

Simon Carkeek – Head of Commercial, FT Live: 02:55

I’m quite amazed by how well connected they are, how people, they know how passionate they are about Greenwich, but also about this industry and this community and the wider issues that, that, that the event has covered. But yeah, I’d like to thank them for choosing the FT as their event partner. We’re delighted to be here and look forward to future collaborations. And I’d also like to thank all of you for being here and for still being here right at the end of day two. That says a lot. And your energy and enthusiasm over the last two days has also contributed to this event being a success. So with that, thank you very much.


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