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Boston Solar Teams Up with Energizer Solar for Renewable Energy Innovation

Boston Solar Teams Up with Energizer Solar for Renewable Energy Innovation

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Boston Solar Named First US Partner for Energizer Solar, Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions in the American Market

In a groundbreaking move that marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector, Boston Solar, a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc a leader in solar energy solutions, has joined forces with Energizer Solar to launch Energizer Solar renewable energy solutions starting with the Energizer Solar home battery solution.

Energizer Solar is a global powerhouse in energy products. Already highly successful in Australia, Germany and the UK, this partnership will now bring Energizer Solar’s renewable-based solutions to the North American market. This strategic partnership will set high standards for sustainable energy solutions in American homes, powered by an iconic American company.

This new partnership continues to build upon Boston Solar’s credence in providing the best customer service, the best products, and the best experience available in the industry. Our team sets ourselves apart from the competition as proud partners of the Boston Red Sox and now by bringing Energizer Solar’s suite of renewable products to the US in partnership with 8 Star Energy. Energizer is a household name when it comes to batteries with global brand recognition and a welcome addition to the renewable energy market. We look forward to becoming an invaluable partner in the successful rollout in the US starting in Massachusetts and growing into additional markets,” adds Wil Ralston, CEO of SinglePoint Inc.

A New Era in Renewable Energy

Boston Solar is proud to be the first renewable energy company in the United States to offer Energizer Solar products. This collaboration represents a fusion of Boston Solar’s expertise in solar energy solutions with Energizer Solar’s innovative technology in energy storage. The initial focus on residential battery storage systems is a response to the growing demand for efficient and reliable home energy solutions, reflecting the commitment of both companies to empower consumers towards a more sustainable future.

Training and Onboarding: Preparing for Excellence

To ensure the highest standards of service and expertise, the two companies are diligently working to commence the initial training and onboarding of Boston Solar’s sales and installation teams. This rigorous training program is designed to equip the teams with in-depth knowledge and skills required to effectively sell, deliver, and install the Energizer Solar suite of products.

A Sustainable Future Powered by Innovation

The partnership between Boston Solar and Energizer Solar is more than a business alliance; it’s a vision for a sustainable future. As pioneers in their respective fields, both companies share a commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental stewardship. Together, they are set to transform the renewable energy landscape, offering consumers solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also reliable and efficient.

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Energizer Solar is designed to empower families and individuals to tap into solar energy, advocating for sustainable living and environmental stewardship. In an era where the global focus is shifting towards a clean and electric future, Energizer Solar introduces a variety of pioneering solar solutions. These products embody the essence of the esteemed Energizer brand, known for its dependable performance, enduring quality, and efficient energy use.

Having made a successful debut in the Australian and European markets, Energizer Solar provides a comprehensive range of solar products. This collection will enable Boston Solar to provide energy storage systems to their new and existing customer base. The offerings include energy storage systems ranging from 3.8 kw to 45.6 kw and 8 kwh to 112 kwh. This broad product portfolio will allow Boston Solar to meet all of their customer’s needs in today’s market.


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