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ERM, Salesforce, NatureMetrics, and Planet Form NatureTech Alliance to Combat Biodiversity Loss

ERM, Salesforce, NatureMetrics, and Planet Form NatureTech Alliance to Combat Biodiversity Loss

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  • ERM, Salesforce, NatureMetrics and Planet combine forces to form a new initiative to help companies tackle urgent biodiversity challenges
  • Alliance will focus on biodiversity measurement, management and disclosure, supporting businesses to get ahead of their nature impact reporting commitments
  • Collaboration aims to transform how businesses approach their impact and dependencies on nature

ERM, Salesforce, NatureMetrics and Planet have announced a pioneering global alliance to transform how corporations measure and manage their biodiversity impact.

The NatureTech Alliance, formed at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos, will accelerate and scale the assessment, management and disclosure of biodiversity impacts and dependencies on nature to help drive a sustainable future for nature, people and economies.

The initiative will enable companies to develop a comprehensive understanding of the impact of their business on nature and prepare accordingly to report against new and impending nature regulations and frameworks such as the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

The powerful alliance will help businesses to overcome the common challenges faced in managing biodiversity integrity across industries. It will provide an integrated toolkit for biodiversity management and disclosure, including:

  • Value Chain Biodiversity Impact and Dependency Assessment
  • Supplier Engagement on Biodiversity
  • Multi-Site Program Management and Field Service
  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance

Each member brings a unique set of expertise to form a comprehensive biodiversity management and reporting offering for businesses looking to effectively measure and track their approach to biodiversity.

ERM provides the sustainability consulting and global delivery capabilities to help organizations to integrate biodiversity into their business strategies and operations. Salesforce offers its powerful technology, including Net Zero Cloud, and ecosystem reach, already supporting critical business technology processes for over 200,000 customers. Planet provides access to daily satellite data and analytics from the world’s largest fleet of Earth observation satellites. Meanwhile, NatureMetrics brings its unique eDNA technology and scalable, on-the-ground biodiversity measurement prowess.

Matt Haddon, Global Lead for Nature & Water at ERM said:

ERM’s partner ecosystem is key to helping us to accelerate progress on sustainability for our clients. We have built successful collaborations with Salesforce, Planet and NatureMetrics, and we now have the opportunity to maximize our collective impact through the NatureTech Alliance.

This comes at a critical time as large corporates are grappling with the next two waves of the triple threat of climate change, nature loss and water scarcity as a matter of urgency. By combining our capabilities, we can help more organizations to develop a comprehensive understanding of their nature-based risks and dependencies, which will enable them to effectively integrate nature into their business strategies and operations at the pace and scale required.

Tim Christophersen, VP, Climate Action at Salesforce, adds:

Action on climate and nature must go hand in hand. To accelerate a successful transition to a net-zero and nature-positive future, businesses must measure, manage and disclose their impact and reliance on nature. Salesforce launched its Nature-Positive Strategy and actively participated in the pilot phase of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures. We’re proud to form the NatureTech Alliance and leverage Net Zero Cloud, Tableau, and our other technologies to help other companies make a positive impact.

Dr Kat Bruce, Founder of NatureMetrics, comments:

This is a milestone moment: a dream team collaborating to provide full-spectrum biodiversity measurement, management and disclosure for global corporations. We’re excited to build on existing relationships to deliver something that’s more than the sum of its parts. Collaborations between those that bring different parts of the puzzle is going to be critical for accelerating the implementation of solutions at scale and translating promising talk into real action on the ground.”

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Andrew Zolli, Chief Impact Officer of Planet, comments:

We are at a critical moment in history where we both need to start quantifying, monitoring, and valuing our biodiversity and actually have the technology and tools to do so – from satellite technology, artificial intelligence, and huge data infrastructures. What’s next is this. True collaboration where all of the tools and places of knowledge collaborate to make the change happen. We’re thrilled to be taking this next step in how we monitor and protect our world with such incredible organizations.

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