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GAM Investments Launches Low Carbon Infrastructure Investment Strategy

GAM Investments Launches Low Carbon Infrastructure Investment Strategy

GAM Investments recently announced that it has launched a low carbon infrastructure strategy in Australasia. 

The investment strategy, managed by GAM’s Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS) team, seeks to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation predominantly through investing in private funds providing access to low carbon, energy transition infrastructure projects.

The infrastructure investment private fund market has over USD 800 billion in assets under management globally, and this is projecting to grow to USD 1.9 trillion by 20261. The widespread disruption wrought by the pandemic highlighted the critical role of infrastructure in our societies and economies. Escalating environmental concerns and increasing support for the goal of net zero have also reinforced the need for increased investment in renewables infrastructure.

GAM has more than 30 years’ experience managing bespoke alternative investments solutions and portfolios of alternative funds, across both liquid and illiquid strategies. The AIS team, located in London and New York, manages a range of bespoke portfolio strategies and funds that seek to produce attractive absolute returns with controlled downside risk and low correlation to traditional asset classes.

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Giovanni D’Alesio, Head of Research at GAM Alternative Investment Solutions, said: “We are delighted to launch this strategy. We believe it is a great opportunity to help decarbonise the economy by investing in private, low carbon, energy transition infrastructure funds. We have been able to use our expertise to design a bespoke solution meeting client demand in terms of investment strategy, low carbon objectives and operational setup. 

Source: GAM Investments


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