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GRESB Launches Transition Analytics to Aid Asset Managers in Managing Transition Risks and Achieving Net Zero Targets

GRESB Launches Transition Analytics to Aid Asset Managers in Managing Transition Risks and Achieving Net Zero Targets

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  • Transition Analytics offers the most comprehensive emissions data for 11 critical sectors.
  • Enables asset managers to meet climate targets and reporting requirements efficiently.
  • Empowers users to set sectoral targets, manage risks, and allocate capital strategically.

The Asset Impact team at GRESB proudly introduces Transition Analytics, a cutting-edge tool for asset owners and managers to navigate transition risks and fulfill net zero commitments. This specialized product provides detailed insights to engage portfolio companies and meet diverse environmental reporting needs.

In-Depth Data for Key Sectors Transition Analytics delivers the world’s most detailed asset-based emissions and activity database, covering 11 high-emission sectors. It links over 148,000 physical assets to 3,000 listed companies and their 32,000 subsidiaries, offering unparalleled insights.

Future-Proof Climate Impact Management With emissions data projected up to 2029, asset managers can deeply understand the climate impacts of their portfolios. Transition Analytics allows for setting bottom-up sectoral targets aligned with global guidelines like the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance. It also facilitates compliance with climate-related regulations such as the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

Strategic Capital Allocation Vincent Jerosch-Herold, GRESB’s Chief Product Officer for Asset Impact, states, “Asset managers and owners recognizing climate risks are integrating these into their frameworks to minimize losses. Our goal is to provide data and insights to protect investments and decarbonize portfolios.

Key Features of Transition Analytics:

  • Granular Data and Indicators: Absolute emissions, physical emission intensities, and activity values across 11 sectors.
  • Flexible Aggregation Levels: Company-level, sector-level, and exposure-level data for versatile reporting and target setting.
  • Forward-Looking Insights: Stress-test investment strategies up to 2029.
  • Seamless Integration: Uses identifiers like LEI, NACE, and ISINs for easy company matching and integration.
  • Affordable and Ready-to-Use: Updated quarterly, reducing data processing and reporting burdens.

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Michel Amar, Chief Business Development Officer for Asset Impact, highlights, “Our solutions help institutions like Barclays, BNP Paribas, and MassMutual navigate a complex environment. Transition Analytics offers advanced climate metrics and emissions forecasts, presenting strong opportunities for asset managers committed to sustainability.

For more information on Asset Impact’s new data solution, click here.

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