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Interos Integrates with ServiceNow to Bolster Enterprise Resilience Across Global Supply Chains

Interos Integrates with ServiceNow to Bolster Enterprise Resilience Across Global Supply Chains

Interos, the fast-growing operational resilience company, announced an integration with ServiceNow, available now on the ServiceNow Store, to help customers establish global supply chain resilience. The announcement builds on Interos’ continued strategic collaboration with ServiceNow, which expanded last year as ServiceNow joined Interos’ $100M+ Series C funding round that valued the company to unicorn status with a valuation north of $1 billion.

The integration will allow Interos and ServiceNow’s joint customers to seamlessly access Interos’ real-time, sub-tier supply chain insights within the ServiceNow Platform, giving them instantaneous multi-factor risk assessments for every entity in their supply chain. These updates allow organizations to track changes, trigger configurable automated workflows, and create a more efficient and resilient supply chain.

“Our integration with ServiceNow is a natural extension of our commitment to help companies ensure operational resilience across all facets of their business,” said Vinay Kapoor, SVP Product, Interos. “The supply chain is the heart of any organization and, as we have seen in the last two years, there is an urgent need to provide robust supply chain solutions that ensure business continuity and secure sustained long-term growth. Adding to this is the executive accountability and consumer focus on a company’s ESG posture. This first-in-the-market integration with ServiceNow demonstrates the powerful solutions that can provide a comprehensive view of risk in a single platform.”

Interos’ breakthrough SaaS platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to map, monitor, and model supply chains in real-time. Automated workflows transform the way Interos and ServiceNow’s joint customers manage vendor risk by allowing them to: identify sub-tier suppliers to the Nth tier, gain risk intelligence and insights, understand the overall health of their supply chain, and pre-emptively identify areas of concern that require action.

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“Today’s enterprises need real-time insight into the health of their entire global supply chain and the ability to act on any identified risks instantaneously,” said Vasant Balasubramanian, VP and GM of Risk at ServiceNow. “The Interos integration into ServiceNow will help our joint customers gain visibility across their vast vendor and supplier networks and drive risk mitigation workflows for increased enterprise resilience.”

The Interos integration with ServiceNow enables companies to assess six critical risk factors – finance, operations, restrictions, geopolitical, ESG, and cyber. Global supply shocks now cost companies an average of $184 million annually, excluding the cost of reputational impact, which also impacts over 80% of large enterprises.

Source: Interos


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