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Jacques Stroud Founder of DocFully Pitches Asclepius on ‘Ignition Pitch Competition’ at Converge2Xcelerate | ESG News – Boston, MA

Jacques Stroud Founder of DocFully Pitches Asclepius on ‘Ignition Pitch Competition’ at Converge2Xcelerate | ESG News – Boston, MA

Jacques Stroud, Founder of DocFully pitches Asclepius at Converge2Xcelerate Conference (Boston, MA)


  • Over 550,000 people experience homelessness per year
  • DocFully uses telehealth services to provide healthcare to the homeless
  • Ascelpius will be found in homeless shelters to deliver healthcare to the homeless


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Jacques Stroud, Founder of DocFully

Jacques Stroud – Founder, DocFully: 00:01

Hello, my name is Jacques Stroud and I wanted to deliver better care to the homeless and underserved at lower costs and better outcomes. I don’t want to make this service perfect. I just want to make it better than the status quo. Change. That word can have a positive, a negative meeting depending on your outlook, disruptive, innovative, different transform variation and modification. What does that word mean for you? DocFully wants to become the number one resource for the homeless and underserved to receive health care outside of the hospital. We want to make our platform easily accessible in a trusted source for this community.

Jacques Stroud – Founder, DocFully: 00:39

DocFully came from my experience as an emergency medical technician, a certified nurse assistant for a nurse certified nurse assistant for a nursing home health care advocate and more recently a volunteer at a San Diego homeless shelter. Here’s where I met Waddell Reagan, a 58-year-old African American with high blood pressure and family history of multiple kinds of conditions. He wants to see a doctor but can’t because of his homelessness. He comes to the shelter for food and prayer, but not healthcare. Not yet. The homeless have a three to six times higher prevalence of developing a chronic condition than a general population. They lack access to healthcare. They want to see a doctor but can’t because they have fear of leaving their belongings behind, so they end up in the ER, which is expensive and they don’t have the proper things in place to manage their chronic condition.

Jacques Stroud – Founder, DocFully: 01:36

Also, the physicians there aren’t equipped to handle this population because of this hospital that have the highest cost care setting. A average hospitalization is in San Diego, costs about $3,400. Technology is designed to help everyone, not just a privilege. A several is our program meets the needs of this population. A simple design to achieve one goal to help underserve get better outcomes. Our solution combines a person in a virtual exam bringing primary care to where they are, how? We partner with doctors and send our staff to visit shelters to facilitate a telemedicine visit the homeless, gain access to primary care and improve outcomes and reduce costs. Now they understand this competition in our approach to healthcare with hospital emergency rooms and urgent care facilities. They help, but they are expensive. Some health plans offer telemedicine services, but the homeless don’t have enough minutes on their phones to access this.

Jacques Stroud – Founder, DocFully: 02:36

There are fairly qualified health centers that can treat these populations, but the people still have to go to where they are and that’s makes it difficult for them to receive healthcare. DocFully wants to create a change with these special populations by health bar partnering with statewide organizations and we want to innovate the approach to helping these populations. Our business model, we connect with doctors and hospitals and medical plans. We provide the platform and the person to work with medical professionals and they are reimbursed to CMS codes. Not only does our service look to improve health outcomes, we want to create opportunities, jobs. In five years, we wanted to save the city of San Diego millions where if reduced ER visits and hospitalizations, we want to give entry level medical professionals and opportunity to start their medical career. We’ve already received $500,000 in funding from a grant in 2020 we want to turn our pilot programs into customers and hire Salesforce. In 2021 we want to improve our platform and scale outside of Southern California. In 2022 we want to move to Northern California in nearby markets.

Jacques Stroud – Founder, DocFully: 03:50

We built a diverse team of breath and knowledge does used to selling to and marketing to health plans. Also working with organization, working with doctors who are familiar with transition of care and working with the homeless. We also have experts with the FDA and HIPAA certified. I’m familiar with the HIPAA regulations. In conclusion change, what does it mean to you? There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people to make a difference in people’s lives. We wanted to help people like Waddell Reagan achieve better healthcare by managing their care. We want to improve the lives of the homeless by improving their healthcare. We wanted to make our service available to everyone because no one’s addressing this population.


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