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Major Update in Green Badger’s Construction ESG Platform Expands Social Tracking

Major Update in Green Badger’s Construction ESG Platform Expands Social Tracking

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Leading Platform Now Tracks Every Metric in The Contractor’s Commitment

Green Badger, the leading SaaS developer for managing sustainable construction, released significant new features in its construction ESG platform expanding users’ ability to accurately track and report important Social metrics. The update adds tools for measuring M/WBE (minority and women-owned business) participation, local participation, project philanthropy, and wellness, which are all immediately available to Green Badger’s existing ESG platform customers.

“With this release, Green Badger provides the first and only solution allowing general contractors to easily track 100 percent of the metrics covered by BuildingGreen’s Contractor’s Commitment in one central platform,” said Tommy Linstroth, Green Badger Founder and CEO. “The focus of many construction sustainability programs often starts with reducing energy use, setting waste reduction goals, and perhaps carbon accounting – all Environmental-related goals. By including these Social-goals, we’re at the forefront of evolving standards and are committed to staying there for our customers.”

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M/WBE tracking is often required on public projects, but like most compliance tasks, it can be cumbersome, time-consuming, filled with spreadsheets, and difficult to monitor progress. Green Badger’s software takes less than 20 seconds for a subcontractor to fill out their company details, upload a compliance certificate and be ready for approval.

The same module used to create their profile also automatically calculates local compliance, within a user-defined radius (i.e., subcontractors with offices within 50 miles). The software then generates a map showing subcontractor office locations in relation to the project site.

Green Badger’s new functionality also makes it simple to set up project philanthropy goals, which can be shared publicly, and track monetary contributions or hours spent volunteering and in community outreach. Similarly, developing job site wellness programs focusing on air quality, fitness, mental health, nutrition, severe weather exposure, and other unique measures is both straightforward and easy to verify.

Customizable and easy-to-understand dashboards show current ESG tracking versus overall project goals so teams can stay on track, and roll up data into corporate dashboards tracking metrics across all projects – not just those with public requirements.

Linstroth said, “I’m proud of our team’s commitment to staying on top of industry needs and offering this next evolution of Green Badger’s construction ESG software. We will continue to innovate and build out a robust platform that rises to meet expanding ESG requirements and save our clients tremendous amounts of valuable time and effort.”

The release comes on the heels of receiving a Gold Stevie Award in the small Company of the Year – Materials & Construction category from The American Business Awards.  According to comments from judges, “Overall, Green Badger is revolutionizing the entire built industry, fostering widespread adoption of more sustainable processes and plans with a global impact.”

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