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Microsoft Purchases 970,000 Forest Carbon Removal Credits from Anew Climate

Microsoft Purchases 970,000 Forest Carbon Removal Credits from Anew Climate

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Purchase further demonstrates the significant role high integrity nature-based carbon solutions play as part of a holistic corporate climate action plan

Anew Climate, LLC, a global leader of diverse climate solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement with Microsoft to deliver more than 970,000 nature-based carbon removal credits as part of Microsoft’s commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030. Generated from Anew’s vast portfolio of North American improved forest management projects, these high-integrity removal credits are derived from forestlands owned by Aurora Sustainable LandsAcadian Timber Corp., and Baskahegan Company.   

A crucial near-term scalable solution available to combat climate change is conserving and sustainably managing forest properties, which have been proven effective in both the avoidance of overall net carbon emissions as well as the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Through its Environmental Products business segment, Anew Climate offers organizations like Microsoft registry-distinguished carbon removal credits generated from tree growth within its diverse forestry portfolio.  

Anew is proud to be part of Microsoft’s sustainability journey. Microsoft is a shining example among climate-conscious companies and known for its rigorous due diligence and focus on quality. At Anew, we are leading the way to help companies and landowners achieve meaningful, positive change for the climate,” said Lizzie Aldrich, Anew Climate Vice President of Business Development.  

 “Carbon removal credits provide a financial incentive for traditional institutional landowners and managers to shift to sustainable forestry and land management practices. We are pleased to collaborate with Anew Climate to help increase the carbon stocks of forests across the United States,” said Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft. 

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Nature-based solutions such as improved forest management and afforestation have the potential to provide about one-third of the climate mitigation activities needed to meet climate goals.1 Over 10 million acres have been conserved over the past decade through market-based incentives, which is twice the rate of conservation through traditional easements since the formation of modern-day land trusts approximately 60 years ago.

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