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New Book, Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing, Launches Today

New Book, Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing, Launches Today

Samuel Adams, CEO of Vert Asset Management, is pleased to announce the launch of a new book: Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing: How to Live Your Values and Achieve Your Financial Goals with ESG, SRI, and Impact Investing. Renowned American economist Burton Malkiel contributed the foreword to the book, written by co-authors Larry Swedroe and Samuel Adams.

Sustainable investing is booming. It is estimated that one-third of global assets under management are invested with a sustainable objective. But do sustainable investment products do what investors expect them to do? How can an investor tell if their investments are having the impact they want? How can investors navigate the web of confusing acronyms, conflicting ratings, and the mass of fund offerings, while avoiding corporate greenwashing?

The authors cut through the fog and bring clarity on what sustainable investing is, who is currently investing this way and why. They review the evidence on the performance of sustainable investing and how it influences corporate behavior. The book also includes a practical guide to selecting investments for a robust and sustainable investment portfolio.

Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing is the definitive go-to resource for investors.

“I’m passionate about helping investors move their money toward sustainability,” said Sam Adams, CEO of Vert Asset Management and co-author of Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing. “We wrote this book for investors and for financial advisors who are interested in sustainability, but don’t know the tools and techniques to integrate it into their portfolios. We offer investors a roadmap to investing in an authentically sustainable manner.”

The book is published by Harriman House. It is available April 5, 2022, for purchase in paperback and e-book on Amazon and Harriman House. Bulk-orders are available through Vert Education.

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Praise for Your Essential Guide to Sustainable Investing:

“An insightful guide for investors interested in the hottest investment today . . . an essential book to own and read.”
– Harold Evensky, Founder, Evensky and Katz

“Amid all the hype concerning sustainable investing, there has been far too little attention paid to careful analysis…[and] too little serviceable advice for investors who wish to invest sustainably. Adams and Swedroe have brilliantly fulfilled these needs with their highly readable and evidence-based guide for investors.”
– Burton Malkiel

Source: Vert Asset Management


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