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Shanghai Electric, Johnson Controls Forge Alliance to Advance Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks

Shanghai Electric, Johnson Controls Forge Alliance to Advance Zero-Carbon Industrial Parks

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Shanghai Electric announced to ink the “Carbon & Digital” Joint Laboratory Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Johnson Controls Inc. (Johnson Controls) during the China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2023, a move that will strengthen the pair’s synergy as they endeavor to fuel innovation for urban sustainability. The partnership, with its focus on expediting the development of zero-carbon factories and industrial parks, will see the two companies establish a green and low-carbon supply chain system in an effort to empower the energy sector to enhance efficiency and reduce carbon footprints.

The establishment of the joint laboratory will further deepen the collaboration between Shanghai Electric and Johnson Controls in the green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of cities. It will allow us to harness our complementary strengths to facilitate the coordinated development of power sources and loads and leverage the seamless integration of digital and intelligent solutions to explore cooperation opportunities in various scenarios, including cities, industrial parks, streets, and buildings. Together, our goal is to create integrated solutions and intelligent service platforms that combine multiple energy sources such as electricity, cold, heat, and gas, jointly promoting green and low-carbon transformation,” said Liu Ping, President of Shanghai Electric.

Industrial parks are characterized by high energy consumption and carbon footprints. Accounting for about 69% of the total energy consumption and 31% of carbon emissions in China, they are the major sources of carbon emissions in urban areas that are expected to rise alongside socio-economic growth. Despite their strong carbon impact, these manufacturing hubs serve as a pivotal economic engine, with over 20,000 ones across the country contributing to more than 30% of economic expansion.

In a concerted effort to tackle the environmental challenges linked to the energy-dense industrial sectors, Shanghai Electric and Johnson Controls have joined forces in devising innovative solutions designed to reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing facilities while enhancing their efficiency in energy usage. The two companies have co-developed the Standard for Zero Carbon Industrial Park Implementation Path Planning and Evaluation Guidelines, establishing a robust framework that facilitates China’s ongoing mission to decarbonize its industrial zones.

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Unveiled at the China International Industry Fair 2023, the Standard set out guidelines on “one digital platform” as a management foundation for carbon-neutral parks, “nine technological pathways” in key areas, as well as the strategy to adopt a “source-grid-load-storage” integrated energy system, helping industrial parks maximize emission reduction at the lowest cost.

The roots of the business alliance between Shanghai Electric and Johnson Controls date back to 2015 for collaborative efforts in the realms of zero-carbon technology and green development. The pair will continue their shared mission of promoting environmentally conscious, low-carbon development, deepening their cooperation as they jointly explore intelligent technology for industrial parks and buildings, the development of energy-efficient and eco-friendly products, and next-generation energy storage products.

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