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Sunworks Launches ESG Reporting Program

Sunworks Launches ESG Reporting Program

  • Assigns Management and Board-Level Oversight to ESG Program
  • Intends to Launch Inaugural ESG Report in Early 2024

Sunworks, Inc., a leading provider of solar power and battery storage solutions for residential, agriculture, commercial, industrial, and public works markets, announced that it has launched an integrated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting program, consistent with the Company’s long-term commitment to value creation through sustainable business practices.

In conjunction with the launch of the program, Sunworks has developed a corporate responsibility committee, named the ESG Advisory Committee, tasked with the management of all ESG activities, which will report to a dedicated, Governance and Sustainability Board-level committee responsible for program oversight. The ESG Advisory Committee is comprised of a diverse mix of accomplished Sunworks employees from throughout the organization, ensuring that the core values of Sunworks are firmly embedded within its ESG reporting function. Sunworks expects to issue its inaugural ESG report in early 2024, prepared in accordance with established, generally accepted ESG reporting frameworks. The Company intends to issue its annual ESG report at the conclusion of an internal audit of its reported data.

Beginning with Sunworks’ inaugural ESG report, the Company intends to introduce measurable, multi-year targets that prioritize its sustainability objectives, with an emphasis on decarbonization and climate change, diversity and inclusion and the betterment of communities where it operates.

As a leading provider of photovoltaic and battery-based power and storage systems for the residential and commercial markets, Sunworks provides cost-effective, sustainable powering solutions. Since 2017, Sunworks systems have generated more than 195 megawatts of low-cost, reliable solar energy, serving to significantly reduce reliance on carbon-based sources of energy generation in communities across the United States. The Company believes these systems have prevented greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions totaling 939,713 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

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“As a leading participant in the global energy transition, we are pleased to announce the formal launch of our ESG reporting program,” stated Gaylon Morris, Chief Executive Officer of Sunworks. “Since inception, we’ve built a purpose-driven organization committed to delivering innovative, sustainable energy solutions. Over time, we’ve demonstrated a palpable commitment to ethical, responsible business practices that advance the availability of clean, affordable electricity for all, a strategic imperative that remains integral to our corporate DNA. We believe our newly launched ESG program will bring an added level of intentionality around how we monitor and report on a variety of performance indicators, while highlighting how Sunworks continues to do the right thing for our environment, employees, customers, and communities.”

“Our Board, management team and employees strongly support a robust ESG reporting function, one that we expect will further align our core values with responsible business practices, while ensuring long-term value creation for all stakeholders,” stated Judith Hall, Chairperson of the Board of Sunworks. “Over time, we intend to refine and expand our ESG disclosures, providing an unprecedented level of transparency around how we do business, while outlining measurable performance targets that ensure continued accountability throughout the organization.”

Source: Sunworks, Inc.


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