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TROVA ESG Index Beats S&P 500 and Most Competitive Comparable Index Across Market Cycles

TROVA ESG Index Beats S&P 500 and Most Competitive Comparable Index Across Market Cycles

NetworkFinancials is introducing its first TROVA index called TROVA ESG Index and sharing its performance benefits to the investment management community. TROVA Index is built upon unbiased investment insights and performance driven metrics pioneered by NetworkFinancials.

TROVA ESG Index is focused on ESG impact by underlying companies scored by NetworkFinancials innovative TROVA Data Analytics Engine. This index gives unique opportunity for passive investment managers and active managers who are looking forward to generating superior return and achieving ESG goals.

Portfolio built out of TROVA Data is proven to beat consistently key index such as S&P 500. “Beating industry benchmark or category specific average return and comparable key index with significant margin across market cycle is the latest validation to our innovation” stated by Debi Prasad Sahoo, Founder of NetworkFinancials.

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Investment management professionals interested to offer unique investment experience to investors in terms of investment return and impact can leverage TROVA ESG Index.  Incorporating data driven models require proven approach to build robust portfolio and to achieve investment success consistently. This is where investment solution built around TROVA Data can fulfill the need of passive investment and active investment with more efficiency.

TROVA is one of its kind to provide wider choice of attractive investments for Active Fund Managers and enable Passive Fund Managers to achieve the rewards of superior investment return with seamless transition experience.

Learn more about TROVA ESG Index @ https://www.network-financials.com/institutional-investors-and-fund-managers

Source: NetworkFinancials


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