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Vipshop Named China’s Best Employer and China’s Most Sustainable Employer by Forbes China

Vipshop Named China’s Best Employer and China’s Most Sustainable Employer by Forbes China

In July, Forbes China and Russell Reynolds Associates, a global search and leadership advisory firm, unveiled the results of the 2022 Forbes China – Best Employer Selection. Vipshop Holdings Limited, China’s leading online discount retailer, bagged the titles of China’s Best Employer of the Year and China’s Most Sustainable Employer of the Year for its first participation in the selection.

Vipshop Headquarters Building

The selection process lasted three months with feedback received from both employers and employees through open entries, questionnaires and other survey methods. Experts from various fields were invited to evaluate the companies from many viewpoints, ensuring the neutrality and professionalism of the process.

In recent years, Vipshop has made sustainability a key component of its workplace improvement. The company has been committed to providing workers with attractive and comprehensive benefits by building a sound career development system and creating a dynamic and inclusive working environment.

Vipshop has established a personal learning and development program to unlock employees’ potential, while facilitating the growth of both employees and the Company.

Vipshop attaches great importance to maintaining open and positive communications with every employee. To make its management more transparent, Vipshop has organized a series of activities like face-to-face talks with senior management, creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable and are active in making suggestions for improvements, leading to a more open corporate culture.

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At the same time, Vipshop has been named as a pilot organization by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions with the mission of improving life quality for employees. The company has been quite successful in enhancing the sense of belonging and satisfaction among employees by establishing staff service stations, offering wellness and healthcare services to special staff groups, setting up a staff mutual fund, and hosting a variety of clubs, family days and parent-child activities.

Employees are Vipshop’s close partners on the road to sustainable development. The company has made a strong commitment to engendering a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, publicizing the importance of energy conservation, and to launching green public service activities, with the goal of creating a healthy and environmentally-responsible office environment.

Meanwhile, Vipshop has expanded its in-house volunteer management program, in a move to encourage its employees to fulfill their social responsibilities by participating in various community public service activities.

Vipshop has been named as one of the Fortune China 500 and China’s Top 500 Private Enterprises for many years. The company will continue with its people-oriented strategy to further enhance employee satisfaction, making Vipshop a place that employees are proud of, and creating a bright and sustainable future for the employees.

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