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Westfall Technik Signs on as Arkestro Corporate Alliance Partner

Westfall Technik Signs on as Arkestro Corporate Alliance Partner

Arkestro, the leading Predictive Procurement Orchestration platform, announced that Westfall Technik, the international network of companies and experts in end-to-end plastics solutions, has signed an agreement to immediately implement Arkestro’s Predictive Procurement Orchestration solution throughout their enterprise. Westfall Technik also becomes a new Arkestro Corporate Alliance Partner and will advise on the functionality of new Arkestro products.

“Westfall Technik selected Arkestro to help streamline and optimize relationships with their suppliers, helping their procurement team become a strategic cost-savings center as well as an efficiency driver in the enterprise,” said Edmund Zagorin, CEO, Arkestro.

“As a leading global manufacturing company, Westfall Technik has acquired numerous companies and is working diligently to integrate and optimize our overall supply chain. We are focused on enhancing supplier negotiations and management and are looking forward to having Arkestro significantly accelerate this activity. As a Corporate Alliance Partner, we’re also working with Arkestro to contribute to the design and roll out of new use cases and solutions to address our most complex challenges,” said David Schultz, VP, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Westfall Technik.

In addition to deriving cost-savings, the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are also very important. To meet this need, Westfall Technik will also leverage Arkestro to ensure they are working only with the most environmentally responsible suppliers and to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the internal supply chain team.

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Arkestro pre-embeds preferred outcomes into any organization’s system or process. It accomplishes this by offering AI pricing suggestions to buyers which can be offered to and accepted by suppliers. Arkestro also routes purchases to preferred suppliers and automates buyer-supplier email correspondence, saving significant time and resources.

“Westfall Technik’s decision to work with Arkestro validates the value that we bring to managing supplier relationships while also highlighting an important and innovative use case for us,” concludes Zagorin.

Source: PRNewswire


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