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Ares Management Corporation Announces the Release of its Inaugural TCFD Climate Action Report and Annual Sustainability Report

Ares Management Corporation Announces the Release of its Inaugural TCFD Climate Action Report and Annual Sustainability Report

Ares, a leading global alternative investment manager, announced today the release of its first-ever TCFD Climate Action Report alongside its annual sustainability report titled Accelerating Our Impact.

During 2021, Ares executed on its ESG vision and accelerated its related activities through Impact at Ares, a platform-wide collaboration that aligns Ares’ priorities across the key channels that drive change – ESG, Philanthropy and DEI.

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“As a purpose-driven organization, Ares seeks to be a catalyst for shared prosperity for our stakeholders and within the communities in which we operate,” said Michael Arougheti, Chief Executive Officer and President of Ares. “Over the last year, we have honed our focus around two central themes: promoting a more inclusive and equitable economy and supporting a just energy transition that creates broad opportunity. As an alternative investment manager, Ares seeks opportunities to leverage its influence in the private markets to catalyze measurable, positive change while helping to deliver a better alternative to existing systems.”

With the release of its inaugural TCFD Climate Action report, Ares is committing to providing regular and transparent disclosures on the potential effects of climate change on its business and the actions being taken to address them. Furthermore, Ares’ annual sustainability report emphasizes the Firm’s progress against its efforts across both its corporate operations and its investment platform to support the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy together with many other matters relating to its sustainability efforts.

“We are proud of the progress that we continued to make in the last year through our ESG program and I am inspired by the energy and dedication exhibited by the Ares team toward our broader Impact at Ares efforts,” said Adam Heltzer, Ares Global Head of ESG. “With our first TCFD Climate Action report, we are acknowledging the real and significant threats as well as the opportunities that could come from rising temperatures and a global energy transition. Guided by our core values, we understand and uphold our responsibility to be a steward for our stakeholders in navigating these highly unpredictable and potentially consequential impacts.”

To download the 2021 Ares TCFD Climate Action and sustainability reports, please visit https://www.aresmgmt.com/about-ares-management-corporation/esg.

Source: Ares Management Corporation


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