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Cision Launches New Suite of ESG Solutions


Cision Launches New Suite of ESG Solutions

Nicole Guillot, Chief Operating Officer

Cision is pleased to announce that it is expanding its suite of services for brands seeking to tell their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) story. This new suite of services continues to build on Cision’s drive to empower communications professionals to reach and engage their audiences.

The demand for ESG disclosure continues to grow. According to Cision’s 2021 State of the Press Release report, brands are sharing more of their ESG strategies and initiatives via press releases than ever before. Additionally, Brandwatch reports that online mentions of ESG-related issues are also increasing. Employees agree that their company should be implementing ESG policies. Further, customers are looking at a company’s ESG practices when considering doing business with brands.

It is critical for brands to share their ESG story with relevant audiences. Cision PR Newswire’s new offering allows companies to send their ESG news to a curated network of journalists, media outlets, financial institutions who covert ESG-related news.

Cision’s suite of ESG solutions also includes a customized website that will serve as a resource hub for a company’s ESG news and initiatives. Cision’s expert design team will create and maintain a branded, personalized website that will allow organizations to showcase their ESG media coverage, annual sustainability reports and other ESG highlights. This solution will give investors and stakeholders easy access to the information they need to make informed purchasing and investment decisions.

“The growing awareness and commitment to ESG issues by both consumers and employees has been an important driver in building out these new products,” said Nicole Guillot, Chief Operating Officer for Cision. “Sometimes, the challenge for companies in building out their ESG strategy is that they don’t always have the right tools in place to make them successful. We believe these new offerings will be the key to success for many organizations in creating an impactful brand narrative that drives brand growth and credibility.”

“It is critical that an organization’s ESG-related news is easily accessible to investors,” said Liam Power, SVP of Global Distribution for Cision. “By building a customized ESG website for our clients, we will provide them with a centralized location to share all of their ESG news.”

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