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Dominic Briggs Partner at Blockwall Interview with Matt Bird Live from World Economic Forum | ESG News– Davos, Switzerland

Dominic Briggs Partner at Blockwall Interview with Matt Bird Live from World Economic Forum | ESG News– Davos, Switzerland

Dominic Briggs, General Partner at Blockwall interview with Matt Bird at World Economic Forum (Davos, Switzerland)


  • Blockwall is a cryptofund concentrating on blockchain infrastructure
  • First government endorsed cryptofund in Germany
  • $16.5 million in assets management


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Dominic Briggs, General Partner at Blockwall with Matt Bird

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show):00:00    

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show broadcasting worldwide on Equities.com. I’m your host Matt Bird. We’re here in Davos, Switzerland covering the 2019 World Economic Forum. And my next guest is Dominic Briggs, General partner of Blockwall. A crypto fund that focuses on blockchain infrastructure. Dominic, welcome to the show. 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 00:19

Great to be here. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 00:21

You know that we’ve actually known each other for quite some time and I always a pleasure then finds out that you were coming on the show. And what you’re doing is pretty fascinating because you’re not just a crypto fund. You are the first government endorsed crypto fund if government regulate crypto fund in Germany. Is that correct? 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 00:36

Well, yeah, we, we got her license from Baffin and we are the first in the field in that way. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 00:42

How did you do it? You guys do crypto at the time that you got? You got you, you know, official officialized was highly speculative. It’s still speculative, but you were able to overcome some major obstacles and tell us how you, how did you do it?

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall):00:51       

When we saw the need to bridge the gap between traditional investors and this new emerging technology. And we also saw the need for these investors to have a regulated infrastructure. They know, so they don’t want to invest through a fund in the Caymans. They wanted to have a German structure. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 01:15

And you gave them a way to get their pinky toe to diversify into the blockchain side. Wow. So, how’s it going so far? 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 01:22

Well, we have a first fund running with a 16.5 million assets under management at the moment and we’re raising our second fund right now, which we plan to close end of June. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 01:32

You know, now like a lot of our guests on the show, you were here in 2018 and here’s 2019 and there’s obviously some difference there on the street and there’s some difference in what’s going on content wise, the WEF from your eyes, what’s flushed out this year?

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 01:47       

Well as we, we focus also on the base layer infrastructure in that industry and this, this infrastructure, blockchain infrastructure has to emerge first and work before consumer application can really work. And now in the streets we see more of the real quality good projects. Right. And to the rest has flushed out. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 02:08

Let’s talk sectors a little bit. I mean your fund, you’re investing in organizations give us your top three sectors. 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 02:15

I would say in blockchain sectors, scalability is definitely something we’ll have to work on. We have identity so self-sovereign identity and we have IOT. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 02:29

What’s your feelings on, on platforms as a service versus software as a service where you go? 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 02:35

I think a platform as a service is, I’m definitely getting more attraction at the moment and the other service parts will need a little longer to adapt.

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 02:46   

If you had to pick one sector and invest in the blockchain industry, what would it be? 

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 02:50

Identity. So self-sovereign identity.

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 02:58

Identity. Like EAD solutions. You know we had Joseph up from Paycase and Shyft on here earlier.

Dominic Briggs (General Partner, Blockwall): 03:01

They are one of our portfolio companies. 

Matt Bird (Show Host, Traders Network Show): 03:03

You’re kidding.  That’s amazing. Well, listen, we got to cut to a commercial break. When we come back with our next guest, we’ll be talking about healthcare and blockchain, but right now Dominic Briggs thanks you for coming on the show. Thanks a lot. We’ll be right back after these messages.


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