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ESG Book and Risk Software Labs Partner to Enhance ESG Solutions in MENA Region

ESG Book and Risk Software Labs Partner to Enhance ESG Solutions in MENA Region

ESG Book
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Executive Summary:

ESG Book and Risk Labs have announced a strategic partnership to meet the growing demand for ESG solutions in the MENA region. This collaboration leverages ESG Book’s extensive ESG data and Risk Labs’ regional expertise to support financial institutions and corporates in integrating ESG considerations into their strategies.

Key Impact Points:

  • Strategic Collaboration: ESG Book partners with Risk Labs to enhance ESG solutions for MENA financial institutions and corporates.
  • Comprehensive ESG Data: ESG Book provides extensive ESG and climate data covering over 50,000 companies and 200,000 disclosures.
  • Rising Demand: Increasing sustainability regulations drive market demand for high-quality ESG data in the MENA region.

ESG Book, a global leader in sustainability data and technology, has formed a strategic partnership with Risk Labs, a specialist provider in Treasury, Compliance, Risk, and Finance disciplines. This collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Covering over 50,000 companies, ESG Book’s offerings include ESG and climate data, company and portfolio-level scores, and advanced analytical tools. The platform, which connects companies and investors for ESG reporting, boasts nearly 200,000 corporate disclosures.

Ziauddin Ishaq, Managing Partner of Risk Software Labs Ltd, stated:After careful consideration, as part of our selection process to identify a market leader in ESG data provision and analytics, we’re delighted to partner with ESG Book, an innovator and highly respected global authority with deep experience in ESG and climate data provision and how it factors into the strategic decision making of corporates and financial institutions, as part of broader national and international ESG and climate mandates.

This partnership responds to the rapid growth in market demand for high-quality ESG data, driven by stringent sustainability regulations globally. In the MENA region, ESG and climate-related reporting have become increasingly prevalent, with new reporting guidelines for firms listed on Gulf exchanges and the GCC’s efforts to establish unified ESG disclosure standards.

Nicolas Bös, Chief Technology Officer of ESG Book, added:We are pleased to collaborate with Risk Labs to expand our footprint across the MENA region, where demand for transparent, technology-enabled ESG solutions continues to grow. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering more organisations with the data and insights they need to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable finance.

Risk Labs, with over thirty years of industry experience, provides practitioner-based solutions in Treasury, Compliance, Risk, and Finance disciplines. Their strong presence in the Middle East and North Africa helps both financial institutions and corporates exploit market opportunities within their strategic programs.

ESG Book’s cloud-based sustainability dashboard offers ESG performance management, peer benchmarking, and regulatory compliance solutions. As more companies integrate ESG practices into their strategies, this partnership will ensure they meet ESG and climate disclosure obligations while gaining valuable analytical insights.

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Increased global sustainability regulation and regional initiatives like the 2023 PwC Middle East ESG Report, which found that 64% of respondents had an ESG strategy in place, highlight the importance of this collaboration in driving ESG integration in the MENA region.

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