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Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership at Ontology with Matt Bird at Blockchain for Europe – ESG News

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership at Ontology with Matt Bird at Blockchain for Europe – ESG News

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership at Ontology interview with Matt Bird at the Blockchain for Europe (EU Parliament)


  • Ontology is a public blockchain and distributed collaboration platform
  • Ontology has 200 core team members and over 2+ million contributors
  • Ontology was founded in Asia and expanding and connecting all through Europe


INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTS: Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership at Ontology and Matt Bird, Host of ESG News 

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 00:00

Welcome back to the Traders Network Show broadcasting worldwide from Brussels, Belgium. We’re here at the EU parliament covering the 2020 Blockchain for Europe summit. And my next guess is Gloria Wu. She’s here from a blockchain Asia initiative, Ontology. Gloria, welcome. So, we were talking a little while ago offline about plugging the gap between Asia innovation and protocols and the EU protocols. And even within the US, tell me a little bit more about why this event is important to you.

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership, Ontology: 00:30

Okay. So basically, Asia has been seeing a lot of innovation in the mobile technology phase, and that is actually giving a lot of discussions about, what is the role of data? What’s the role of big companies and this tech innovation? What does it mean for everyone? And for new startups and blockchain has been a really interesting topic in terms of bringing the new innovation in our landscape, but we also see a lot of need in terms of like all kinds of parties to actually play a role to make that happen, especially for the policies side. And we have seen that Europe has been really becoming a thought leader in that phase in terms of how blockchain and policy wise can actually work out something innovative for the landscape to actually happen. So as an Asian based protocol, Ontology is also very interested in protecting user data, enabling user data to be used on blockchain to enable more new innovation entrepreneurship. So that’s why we’re here today. Also to be engaged in this conversation and try to bring what is the strength from our side to be part of this contribution.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 01:35

How important are public fire partnerships making that connection happen?

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership, Ontology: 01:41

This whole innovation is actually not only from the commercial side you need the right audiences you need the right policies. You also need the right funding. And also the users who actually are aware of how their data could be better protected on the decentralized protocol via such applications. So this interconnected relationship between different parties definitely needs something more working towards the consensus rather than just one party pushing it forward. We have been pushing a lot in the last two, three years in Asia and we can clearly see that this connection between these different parties will be very, very important for the success. And Europe has a very long history in terms of bringing everybody together, bringing everybody part of this dialogue to actually achieve some consensus. So we see this could be a very good opportunity for us to also help Europe to take a more leadership role in blockchain and have us also, as part of that contribution.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 02:41

Let me ask you, what is the next step in order to start getting to from thought leadership and use cases in the private side into creating actual policy? What do you think’s left?

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership, Ontology:  02:55

I think the conversation has been great, but there’s a little bit more simplification needed because if there’s more simplification, then people are more towards achieving a certain consensus. We can start moving, right? If we complicate things too much there are a lot more details to be figured out. But if we don’t focus on the bigger picture and the consensus, we already have to simplify the action steps, we won’t be really moving fast.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 03:21

You know, I think we’re moving in the right direction. I think that the whole Bitcoin narrative and the digital asset narrative really made things very complicated because it was just too much money being spread everywhere too quickly. It was proliferating worldwide, and there was really no substance and stability. I think behind a lot of use cases that people were out there seeking funds for it. Now we are seeing the enterprise blockchain. It has a stable footing because you’re integrating with a stable organization. You’re the real outcomes, real data sets, real KPIs being delivered. Do you think the data enterprise is that simplification mechanism to bring blockchain down to a simplistic level, that big corporations integrating using blockchain in a very simple way to solve simple problems, which will then lead to more complex structures? 

Gloria Wu, Global Head of Partnership, Ontology:  04:05

Yeah, I definitely think we should focus more on the use cases. And also Ontology foundation, we’ve been also working and investing a lot of applications in the past two, three years. Many of them are having a lot of difficulties, right? So focusing on how to help them to succeed is really, really important. And also working with the enterprise side to actually look at exact use cases and figure out the policy, the regulation, the commercial barriers that we need to remove. And that’s the hope.

Matt Bird – Host, ESG News: 04:34

Listen, I know you’re a very busy woman. I’ve gotta get going as well. We have a session starting upstairs, right? Gloria Wu. You’re listening to the Traders Network Show on ESG News. Special thanks to our network affiliates, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS. We’ll be right back after these messages, we get more programming. You don’t want to go away. We’re right here at the EU parliament in Brussels, Belgium.


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