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Golden Grail Delivers On Environmental Initiatives And Makes The Switch From Plastic To Recyclable Cans

Golden Grail Delivers On Environmental Initiatives And Makes The Switch From Plastic To Recyclable Cans

Golden Grail Technology a fast-growing company with a strategic mission to innovate, build and streamline the growth of its beverage portfolio through fiscally responsible investing today announced they will be switching the original Tickle Water’s plastic packaging and using the more environmentally friendly recyclable can.

The Company’s decision comes after strong consideration for their mission of implementing Environmental Social and Governance factors. According to The Environmental Protection Agency aluminum cans have about 68 percent recycled content compared to just 3 percent for plastic bottles in the United States. As a result, aluminum is widely seen as the better choice for the environment.

“After each acquisition we go through a series of operational assessments on how we can improve each brand on multiple fronts. Golden Grail is always conscious of our footprint and how we can support our ESG factors. Switching Tickle Water to an aluminum can from plastic was an immediate improvement. Part of Golden Grail’s pledge to market responsibly to our youth includes offering them better packaging material for our environment,” said Steven Hoffman, Interim CEO for Golden Grail Tech.

Golden Grail Beverages also reports they carefully interview co-packers and manufacturing partners to learn and analyze their commitment to environmental conditions. The company is putting their best practices in effect to ensure long-term environmental risk-aversion.

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In addition to the company’s dedication to our environment they have also implemented social causes that resonate with each brand and a dedicated person for corporate governance. Golden Grail is showing great promise for ESG conscious investors and creating shareholder value by being forward-thinking on multiple fronts in addition to their fiscally responsible investing mission.

The Company previously announced that it was committed to promoting its products from the recently acquired Tickle Water brand responsibly. Golden Grail also stated that it was going to be specifically sensitive to parents when it comes to promotional activities. This announcement was a significant one and is an indication of the company’s growing presence in the beverage industry.

Last month the Company shared an article from Top News Guide https://topnewsguide.com/2022/02/24/golden-trail-technology-otcmktsgogy-stock-extends-rally-jumps-15-in-a-week/ which indicated that on Wednesday February 23, 2022 GOGY stock moved up 7.55% to $0.31 with 560k share, compared to its average volume of 427K shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.2700 – 0.3755 after opening trade at $0.29. The rally that was seen took the gains made by the stock over the course of the past week to as much as 15%. In light of the gains made by the stock in the past week it may be a good time to start tracking the Golden Grail stock a lot more closely.

Source: Golden Grail Technology Corp


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