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International Consultancy “One Question” Partners With MikeWorldWide Public Relations To Help Answer This Year’s Key Question: What Responsibility Does Business Have To Educate Society?

International Consultancy “One Question” Partners With MikeWorldWide Public Relations To Help Answer This Year’s Key Question: What Responsibility Does Business Have To Educate Society?


UK advisory consultancy One Question has partnered with global communications consultancy MikeWorldWide (MWW) for its annual research initiative exploring the delta between society and business, one question at a time. This year, MWW and One Question will explore what responsibility business has to educate society through an invite-only conversation of prominent business leaders and influencers across sectors and geographies.  

One Question has become a standard bearer for open, intelligent discussion to tackle the convergence of humanity’s toughest issues and businesses biggest challenges by delivering change that goes beyond ESG box-ticking. Previous years’ questions have explored the relationship between purpose and profit, and the impact of technology on the human experience. Each year’s conversations across the US, UK and EMEA markets result in a framework for closing the gap between societal and economic profitability by developing stronger ecosystems, better product innovation, fairer supply chains and more diverse teams, all rooted in the sharing of knowledge and experience.

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Michael Kempner, founder and CEO of MikeWorldWide says: “The communications industry globally has a responsibility to educate companies about ways to proactively support societal changes. Brand leaders want strategies and solutions that drive impact on their employees and customers, and now ultimately, society. This year’s One Question comes at a critical inflection point where cultural and technology shifts demand that business take a leading role in facilitating these conversations on a global scale. MWW chose to partner with One Question because their goals and MWW’s focus on the importance of caring, is central to this global question. MWW’s culture of caring is infused in everything we do as a company and strategic partner and believe the call for companies to show their values is a requisite for any modern brand.

The role of the private sector educating society has never been more relevant at a time when the world is facing rising social inequality, economic turmoil, environmental crises, and racial inequity. And perhaps, most importantly, the continuing threat to the liberal world order and democracies around the world. These are far more than just uncertain times for individuals and brands to navigate.”

Sarah Parsonage, founder of One Question said of the partnership, 

“Over the last few years, we have seen the ever-increasing shift in society looking to business to lead on societal issues alongside economic issues. It feels like the norm, but the speed of this shift puts both business and leaders under immense pressure, pressure that is arguably misplaced. As a result, never has it been more important to discuss the responsibility and opportunity industry has, or not, as the case maybe. 

As part of the partnership, One Question, MikeWorldWide and PRovoke will host events in both US and UK markets this fall. These will bring together a global community of leaders to take the question ‘Is education the answer?’ head on.

Source: PRNewswire


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