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Metalla Establishes Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee

Metalla Establishes Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee

Metalla Royalty & Streaming Ltd. (“Metalla” or the “Company“) (NYSE American: MTA) (TSXV: MTA) is pleased to announce that its board of directors (“Board“) has formed a new committee, the Environmental, Social, and Governance Committee (the “ESG Committee“), to oversee the Company’s environmental, social and governance (“ESG“) practices.

The ESG Committee formalizes the Company’s ongoing commitment to ESG principles in the evaluation and monitoring of the Company’s royalty and streaming interests and related corporate practices. The scope of the ESG Committee’s mandate will be to implement the Company’s ESG policy and to evaluate and monitor the ESG performance of the companies which operate the properties in which the Company has a royalty or streaming interest or is considering acquiring such an interest.

Brett Heath, CEO, commented: “The establishment of the ESG committee reflects Metalla’s commitment to corporate responsibility and ESG principles. Metalla carefully considers ESG principles in its investment decisions and the ESG committee will support management in evaluating and monitoring the projects in which Metalla holds royalty and streaming interests.”

Lawrence Roulston, Chairman, stated: “Each and every one of us in the Metalla organization lives and functions according to the very highest standards of corporate responsibility, in all its aspects. Adding this new level of oversight to our existing corporate governance policies further emphasizes our commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ throughout the organization.”

The ESG Committee will be comprised of Mr. Lawrence Roulston, Mr. Douglas Silver and Mr. Terry Krepiakevich. The formation of the ESG Committee will elevate ESG considerations to the regular Board agenda and bring additional focus to the formulation, evaluation, and implementation of the Company’s ESG policies.

The Company also announces that, pursuant to the Company’s share compensation plan, it has granted an aggregate of 47,554 restricted share units to certain directors and officers of the Company to recognize their efforts and contributions during the 2021 calendar year. The restricted share units entitle the holders thereof to receive 47,554 common shares of the Company, with half of the restricted share units vesting 12 months following the grant date and the remaining half vesting 24 months following the grant date, subject to earlier vesting upon the achievement of certain performance-related criteria subject to the polices of the TSX Venture Exchange.


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