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Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero Gap Fund Mobilizes $1.04 Billion to Tackle Global Challenges

Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero Gap Fund Mobilizes $1.04 Billion to Tackle Global Challenges

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  • $1.04B Mobilized: The Zero Gap Fund has attracted over $1.04 billion in private finance across 12 high-impact strategies.
  • Catalytic Investments: 2023 saw the Fund fully commit $30 million with two new investments in climate resilience and sustainable agriculture.
  • Global Impact: Investments have delivered essential services, reduced emissions, and supported vulnerable communities worldwide.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Zero Gap Fund released its 2023 annual report, showcasing its success in attracting private capital to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Fund has mobilized over $1.04 billion across 12 strategies, fully committing its $30 million by 2023, and maturing two investments by early 2024.

Launched in 2019 with the MacArthur Foundation, the Zero Gap Fund invests in scalable, innovative solutions. It channels flexible capital into promising financial strategies to drive large-scale private investment, targeting SDGs like health, gender equality, and employment.

Innovative Investments

The Zero Gap Fund invests in disruptive technologies to tackle climate change, regenerative agriculture, and financial inclusion,” said Maria Kozloski, SVP, Innovative Finance at Rockefeller Foundation. “We’re proving that impact-focused opportunities can mobilize private capital at scale.

Catalytic Capital

We support the Zero Gap Fund as part of the Catalytic Capital Consortium,” said John Balbach, Director of Impact Investments at MacArthur Foundation. “This collaboration scales investments into new financing vehicles, building a just, equitable, and sustainable world.

2023 Highlights

  1. Blue Forest’s FRB Catalyst Facility: Public-private partnership for forest restoration and fire risk mitigation, avoiding 27,280 metric tons of CO2e emissions and restoring 2,675 acres of ecosystems.
  2. LeapFrog’s Emerging Consumer Fund III: Delivered healthcare to 14.8 million in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, creating 97,000 jobs since 2019.
  3. Lightsmith’s CRAFT: Financed climate adaptation solutions, reducing 1 million tons of GHG emissions and creating 1,300 new jobs.

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Continued Impact

  • Women’s Livelihood Bond 2: Reached 114,000 women with financial services and training in Asia Pacific.
  • Founder’s First Capital Partners: Deployed $8.9 million to underrepresented US entrepreneurs.
  • Apis & Heritage’s Legacy Fund I: Converted companies into employee-owned businesses, creating 110 new jobs.
  • Seedstars’ International Ventures II: Invested $6 million in tech startups across emerging markets.
  • Horizon Capital’s Growth Fund IV: Invested $48 million in Ukraine’s technology firms.
  • Trailhead Capital’s Regeneration Fund I: Conserved 411 million gallons of water and avoided 11,000 tons of CO2e emissions through sustainable agriculture.

The Zero Gap Fund exemplifies the power of catalytic capital to drive substantial private investment into impactful, scalable solutions for global challenges.


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