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RocketFrac Cleantech Announces Successful Deployment of EcoStim™ Waterless Well Stimulation Technology in Western Canada

RocketFrac Cleantech Announces Successful Deployment of EcoStim™ Waterless Well Stimulation Technology in Western Canada

RocketFrac Cleantech (“RocketFrac” or “the Company”), an innovative energy services company, is pleased to announce that it has successfully deployed its ground-breaking EcoStim™ waterless well stimulation tool in Alberta, Canada. This deployment represents the addition of a valuable new approach to oil and gas well stimulation that expands the exploitation strategies available to producers while reducing carbon emissions, eliminating the use of proppant sand and scarce water resources.

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In the United States alone annual water consumption for hydraulic fracking is estimated to be 140 billion gallons – equal to the combined annual consumption of Houston and Chicago. Creating effective well stimulation that eliminates this enormous strain on our precious natural resources is critical for meeting the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals prioritized by the investment community. This in turn eliminates the barrier of environmental concerns from the development of energy resources, allowing the expansion of production and movement toward the goal of energy independence.

The EcoStim™ deployment was the reactivation of a suspended natural gas well. Highlights included the successful downhole activation of EcoStim’s patent-pending isolation mechanism, full deflagration of the proprietary solid rocket propellant, retrieval of the EcoStim™ tool with critical sensor data, and a dramatic pressure increase at the wellhead. 

The company is using the groundbreaking test to refine EcoStim’s design in preparation for the next deployment, planned for July.

“This successful deployment of our proprietary technology proves that waterless well stimulation can be used for oil and gas reservoirs,” says RocketFrac Cleantech CTO, Pavan Elapavuluri, PhD. “This test has already yielded important information about tool design and reservoir stimulation characteristics, and we are also gathering invaluable production data. As an engineer, I am excited to contribute to both increasing access to energy, and to reducing the environmental impact of its generation.”

The current high prices for oil and gas around the world have highlighted the need to expand production to reduce prices. The EcoStim™ solution addresses this need to expand production by improving the environmental performance of energy production.

Source: PR Newswire


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