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Samsung Announces Sustainable Innovation Plans at CES 2023

Samsung Announces Sustainable Innovation Plans at CES 2023

Samsung Electronics’ booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 is introducing a whole new era of inter-device connectivity that features a unique focus on keeping users connected to the environment.

At CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics and information technology exhibition held in Las Vegas from January 5 local time, Samsung is introducing its all-new connected experience powered by SmartThings, along with all the latest on how the company is combining innovation with sustainability via eco-conscious initiatives for a brighter future for all.

If you are unable to make it out to Las Vegas in person this year, be sure to read on for a closer look at how Samsung is bringing its booth, united under the theme of “Bringing Calm to Our Connected World,” to life.

1. Towards a Sustainable Future: Eco-Conscious Innovation for Both People and Products

Samsung announced its New Environmental Management Strategy back in September of last year, wherein the company presented its approach to combating the climate crisis through innovative technologies, including ultra-low-power semiconductors and eco-conscious product development, as well as its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

At this year’s CES, Samsung is further demonstrating its commitment to taking action to combat climate change, including the company’s latest efforts towards boosting resource circulation and the products and innovations it has developed to create an eco-conscious tech ecosystem.

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2. The Evolved SmartThings Platform: Bringing Hyper-Connected Experiences to All

SmartThings, Samsung’s proprietary smart home platform, has evolved into being more than just a connected home solution — it is an integrated experience brand. Bringing together the SmartThings platform, which connects products and other smart home objects, Bixby, which provides AI services beyond just voice commands, and Knox, which safely manages and protects users’ personal information, the Samsung offering is being showcased at CES through a total of six daily connection experiences.

Each of the innovative technologies featured throughout SmartThings, Knox and Bixby are set to improve user’s device connectivity, controllability and customizability experiences for more holistic connected living. By integrating the three platforms, Samsung aims to better enrich people’s lives across all aspects of their lifestyles, showcasing its 2023 vision for a new era of connected living.

Samsung’s new environmental management strategy is a concept that goes beyond just environmental protection, encompassing both environmental strategies and ethical management across value and supply chains to help build a brighter future for all.

Samsung will continue to act upon its willingness to realize true sustainability, in all its forms, in order to create healthy, sustainable and connected ecosystems of connected devices.

Stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for more on Samsung’s booth at CES 2023 and the connected innovations set to transform daily life this year and beyond.


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