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AECOM announces next phase of its Sustainable Legacies strategy, including ambitious net zero targets

AECOM announces next phase of its Sustainable Legacies strategy, including ambitious net zero targets

AECOM, the world’s trusted infrastructure consulting firm, announced the next phase of Sustainable Legacies, its industry-leading ESG strategy that was launched one year ago to advance sustainability initiatives that deliver positive impact both at AECOM and in communities around the world. This strategy integrates four key pillars that will embed sustainable development and resilience across the Company’s work, improve social outcomes for communities, achieve net-zero carbon emissions and enhance its governance. Included in the Company’s updated strategy are more ambitious net zero targets that are among the first in the world to be approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

“As a purpose-driven organization, I am proud of our teams’ progress to lead the industry as an ESG firm and how we continue to challenge ourselves with even more ambitious initiatives and targets included in our Sustainable Legacies strategy,” said Troy Rudd, AECOM’s chief executive officer. “Alongside our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team, the advancements we have made in just a short time inspire all of us to strive for more through our commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve.”

“The passion our nearly 50,000 professionals bring to their work every day to deliver a better world is no better reflected than in our Sustainable Legacies strategy,” said Lara Poloni, AECOM’s president. “Following the meaningful accomplishments we have made over the past year, including the approval of our net zero targets by the Science Based Targets initiative, we are excited to continue the next phase of our ESG strategy, especially as we partner with our clients on their own increasingly complex, multi-decade sustainability initiatives.”

Significant Progress at the One Year Anniversary

Following the one-year anniversary of the launch of its Sustainable Legacies strategy, AECOM has celebrated numerous accomplishments that reflect strong progress to-date on its ESG initiatives, including:

  • Achieved operational net zero in its Scopes 1 and 2 emissions for fiscal 2021, including the use of 100% renewable electricity usage in North American offices, with plans to scale further.
  • Implemented the Company’s Travel with Purpose program to maintain substantial business travel reduction.
  • Initiated a robust supplier outreach program to gain insights into key partners’ ESG programs and evaluate opportunities to drive sustainability improvements throughout the Company’s value chain.
  • Initiated work on the Company’s own in-house nature-based solution projects for carbon sequestration.
  • Advanced ScopeXTM initiatives to accelerate the Company’s ESG offering for clients and to reduce embodied carbon in infrastructure design and construction.
  • Published the Company’s global ESG Report in November 2021 that incorporated its initial disclosures aligned with the TCFD and SASB framework.
  • Implemented ESG risk framework to ensure work aligns with the Company’s Sustainable Legacies strategy, which is being continuously updated to ensure full alignment with climate science, particularly following COP26 last year.
  • Committed to providing financial support to the people of Ukraine through a global employee match donation campaign and employee-driven local humanitarian efforts.

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Key Pillars of AECOM’s Sustainable Legacies Strategy

  • Achieve net-zero carbon emissions: While developing and implementing best practices and achievable goals for its clients, AECOM has continued to further its own carbon emissions goals with one of the first net zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. The Company has committed to achieving science-based net zero by 2040, which includes the following actions:
    • A near-term target to reduce Scope 1 and 2 by 60% and Scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2030.
    • A long-term target to reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions by 90% by 2040.
    • Decarbonizing fleet vehicles and switching to renewable energy tariffs.
    • Partnering with its suppliers to decarbonize and including carbon considerations into its procurement processes.
    • Implementing a 50% reduction in business travel.
    • Creating projects centered around using nature-based solutions to offset residual carbon.
  • Embed sustainable development and resilience across our work: Recognizing that the greatest contribution it can have on the world is through its work, AECOM has committed to reducing carbon in its designs through its ScopeXTM platform, a first-of-its-kind initiative that considers embodied and operational carbon across the entire project life cycle. The company will further incorporate ESG action plans on major projects to reduce carbon impact by at least 50 percent. It will also embed net-zero, resilience and social value targets into its client account management program.
  • Improve social outcomes: AECOM believes equity, diversity and inclusion enable better outcomes for clients, a deeper understanding of community challenges and more innovative solutions that propel the industry forward. As part of this pledge, the Company continues to progress against its near-term target of women comprising at least 20% of senior leadership roles and at least 35% of the overall workforce. The Company has also implemented locally relevant non-gender diversity targets in each region of its business. Its efforts extend to include developing project teams that reflect the clients and communities it serves and partnering with small and medium enterprises to generate social value through positive community investments. Additionally, the Company is focused on delivering inclusive, accessible projects that proactively improve social value outcomes for individuals, communities and society.
  • Enhance governance: To better assess ESG factors in potential projects, AECOM has implemented and continues to expand its enterprise risk framework, which is supported by leadership accountability and advocacy through the audit of specific ESG targets and metrics on an annual basis. In addition to regular reporting to the Board of Directors on ESG matters, as part of the recently expanded charter of the Board’s Safety, Risk and Sustainability Committee that includes direct oversight of ESG activities, the Company intends to continue to track and report on its ESG performance targets externally in line with leading industry benchmarks.

Reflecting the above accomplishments and more ambitious strategy, AECOM has launched today a refreshed website that provides more information on how AECOM is delivering Sustainable Legacies. Please visit aecom.com/sustainable-legacies for more.

Source: AECOM


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