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Altruist’s Model Marketplace Launches Cornerstone Partnership with ESG Pioneer HIP Investor

Altruist’s Model Marketplace Launches Cornerstone Partnership with ESG Pioneer HIP Investor

Following Altruist’s recent expansion of its Model Marketplace and release of unified managed accounts (UMA) capabilities, the RIA fintech firm announces its partnership with ESG pioneer and long-time innovator HIP Investor, providing advisors with access to its Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio models focused on ESG and climate action for their clients.

With this announcement, Altruist furthers its strategic focus on personalized investing, with values-based investing, including ESG offerings, as a central piece. In the coming months, advisors can expect to see more offerings within its Model Marketplace that allow for greater flexibility and personalization.

“While markets are down, we’re seeing advisors rotate into strategies that they have had their eyes on, in particular values-based investing strategies,” said Adam Grealish, Head of Investments. “With HIP’s Fossil Fuel Free Portfolios on our platform, advisors can build portfolios for any stage of their ESG journey—from dipping in a toe to full allocations to climate action and impactful investing. Our partnership with HIP Investor represents a cornerstone in our continued expansion into values-aligned and higher-impact investing.”

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Altruist launched its Model Marketplace in February 2021 featuring its own investment models – the Simplicity Series – alongside those of Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors, later adding BlackRock, Redwood Investment Management and StateStreet Global Advisors. In April 2022, Altruist introduced its Altruist Strategist Series, the first to include direct indexing. Since then, Altruist has added more than 40 additional models from top investment managers.

“Since 2006, HIP Investor has pioneered solutions for investors seeking higher-impact over the past 16 years,” said R. Paul Herman, founder and CEO. “The HIP Fossil Fuel Free Portfolios are a diversified approach to invest in the health, wealth, earth, equality, and trust factors that benefit customers, citizens, nature, and society – while seeking to reduce future risk and benefit long-term financial returns. We are excited to partner with Altruist and offer the opportunity for higher-impact portfolios on Altruist’s Model Marketplace for advisors and their clients.”

Altruist will host a webinar with the HIP Investor portfolio management and analyst team in early 2023 to discuss how advisors can build effective higher-impact portfolios for their clients goals for society, nature, and their financial goals. For more information on the webinar, visit www.Altruist.com. More information about the Model Marketplace can be found at https://altruist.com/model-marketplace/.

Source: Altruist and HIP Investor


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